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2014 Tracks Of The Year – #15 – 11

12 Dec

Tracks of 2014 - 15-11

Hello and welcome to part three of our countdown of the 25 tracks this year that we loved more than any other. Parts one and two (where we listed the tracks that took the number 25 – 16) are here and here, and below we reveal who made it into the Top 15 and came oh so close to breaking the Top10. Enjoy.

#15 Daisy Victoria – “Nobody Dies”

Blog favourite Daisy Victoria was quite prolific this year, releasing two EPs. To kick off her second, she released the gorgeous title track “Nobody Dies” and we were hooked (as was Lauren Laverne who has been playing it a bunch recently). It’s less overtly dramatic than her previous offerings, showcasing a softer and altogether more swirlsome side of her musical personality. Keys peel like church bells and the rhythm tumbles as Daisy’s vocals and the melody combine in one great wispy marble of sound and colour. There was an accompanying video as well which is suitably bright and kaleidoscopic, perfectly encapsulating the cascading and swoony nature of the track.

#14 Lyla Foy – “Feather Tongue”

Taken from her sublime debut album, Lyla Foy’s “Feather Tongue” is yet more lovely melodic and wistful gorgeousness to add to Lyla’s already impressive collection. It feels mellow and subdued but ripples and bubbles like a natural hot spring hidden and hitherto undiscovered. Meanwhile the vocal (we adore her vocal) is like the steam above the water, the light catching it in the sun and creating millions of floating lights as it hangs above the rhythm, becalming, soothing and utterly lovely.

#13 Ocean Calling – “Desert Sky Scarlet”

All it took for us to fall completely in love with Ocean Calling’s “Desert Sky Scarlet” (aside from its roaming dreamy soundscapes) was Sophie Wilkie’s inflection whilst singing ‘snow’ in the chorus. That simplest and smallest of morsels that tipped us over the edge into head over heels mode for this utterly gorgeous tune. A pseudo Dr Who synthline kicks off this great adventure, but not into time and space, but across the globe, to majestic views, icy tundras and homely arcades, with everything in between. It is gorgeously nostalgic for the here and now, for the world around us that so many of us long to see and yet fail to do so. It has a sense of freedom, of innocence and of wonder infused throughout. It is a dreamy aural trip across the world, just close your eyes and let it take you wherever you want, especially if its somewhere covered in ‘snow’.

#12 Osca – “Blood”

The title track from Osca’s debut EP, Blood this piano driven ballad was simultaneously divine and ridiculously catchy. Many a morning we awoke to find the chorus swirling inside our head just waiting to be sung out in the shower (sorry for the image). It built and built in waves of melody and rhythm organically coming together with the vocals to make one of the most accomplished debut tracks we’ve heard in a long time.

#11 Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

Haters gonna hate but we don’t even care. Quite simply one of the best pure pop records of the year and just stupidly catchy, despite our wannabe inner cool kid shouting and calling us names, we just couldn’t help but love it.