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Iyes – “Breathe”

24 Mar

Iyes - Breathe

After a storming end to 2013 (with the release of the brilliant ”’Til Infinity” and a surprising and sublime Beyoncé cover) Brighton’s Iyes had the bog world salivating with excitement. We, the collective blog mind we mean, had been waiting to see if they could deliver on the promise of their earlier demos and boy, we were not disappointed. Having teamed up with the very new and seemingly already very very cool Duly Noted records, with those two tracks Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová were showing us that our expectation and enthusiasm was well placed.

Of course the worry after releasing such a universally acclaimed track is how to follow it up, what do you do and can you sustain the quality and exhilaration? If you’re Iyes, the answer is simple. Enlist equally red-hot right now MNEK on production duties and take the opportunity to sex things up a little.

“Breathe” has a soft and sensual feel to it, with elements of sultry hazy heat thrown in for good measure. Josh’s backing vocals are a steamy whispered echo behind the ear of Melis’ cool seductive tones. The beat cavorts with the electronic melody, not in a rough and tumble sort of way though, oh no, this is a much more elegant consummation of sound. Think ball gowns, champagne and slow luxuriant indulgences of the flesh rather than a quick knee trembler in a car park or similar.

All this and the chorus is still subtly infectious and very electro-pop friendly; and just when you thought it was reaching its, ahem, climax, a second wind is found and further layers of aural ecstasy are reached. “Breathe” is another stunning track from a duo operating at the top of their game.

”Breathe” is released on 5 May via Duly Noted Records. Iyes will be playing Gold Dust at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on 16 April.

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2014 Preview: Listen Out For #5 – Iyes

4 Dec


A year after meeting, Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanova seem poised to take the music world by storm. Performing as IYES the electro-pop duo set the blog worlds hearts racing with early demos “Glow” and “Lighthouse” before causing a near collective stroke a couple of weeks back with the Hype Machine blazing and utterly fantastic “’Til Infinity”.

While the demos were pretty amazing on their own, “’Til Infinity” marked a step up for the pair. Polished and full of confidence it’s infectious and exciting, vibrant with a tribal beat running throughout and counterbalancing the arctic melodies and electronic wizardry that themselves offset the mournful and poignant lyrics perfectly. Melis’ confident and near defiant (and gorgeous) vocal is juxtaposed with that of the more downbeat and remorseful, emotionally broken contribution from Josh.

It’s a glorious piece of music and one that shows that not only are they ready to step up a level, but that there is much more to them than the lazy XX comparisons they received early on. ”Glow” had already started to put those to bed with its big arms wide chorus and mystical electronic flourishes and “’Til Infinity” just smashes them to pieces.

They make pop music, but it’s not homogenised pre-packaged pop, it’s edgy and different but with enough accessibility to transcend the blogosphere and break the mainstream consciousness. Like Chvrches but without as many 80’s reference points and fewer lasers. It still sounds fantastic though and if they keep developing like they are, 2014 could well be the year of IYES.

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Listen: IYES – “’Til Infinity”

5 Nov

Iyes - Til Infinity

IYES play electronic music, it says so on their Facebook page. Thus far we were taking their word for it* as when we saw them play at the Great Escape festival earlier this year, all their kit fell over and the duo of Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanova played acoustically instead. Now the pair is set to release their debut single, following a couple of demos and much blog and media love earlier this year, and there is no doubting the quality or voltage of their sound.

One year on from Josh and Melis’ first meeting, “’Til Infinity” will mark another milestone as the debut release of newly formed Duly Noted Records. It’s a great choice of tune but we do have to wonder at the thought process of those in charge as surely they are just making a rod for their own backs with a release of this quality. We pity the poor buggers that have to try and follow this.

Starting with a tribal drumbeat that immediately conjures up images of a much more interesting version of “Survivor”, “’Til Infinity” soon branches out into the tropical jungle of electronic hooks, twisting vocals and rasping beats. The mournful lyrics, sensual and heartfelt (“Don’t you doubt my love/coz it lasts til infinity/I will ache and choke/as long as you remember me”) pour from Melis like a waterfall into a warm pool of emotional strength and belief. Joined by Josh’s own hushed vocal contribution, insecurity is washed away and love and resolve are left behind to stride purposefully out of the water, through the jungle and off to take on the world.

*Not really, we had heard and loved their demos as well. We’re mostly not stupid (mostly).

”’Til Infinity” is out on 2 December as the first quarterly release on Duly Noted Records and can be pre-ordered here.

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