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Free Download: MS MR – “Hurricane”

11 May

Adjective: Difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.
See also: MS MR

You know, when a band makes music that is limp and uninspiring, knowing very little about them can be a good thing. When a band makes such wondrous pop sounds as MS MR have with their first proper release, “Hurricane”, it can be incredibly frustrating. For the time being we are prepared to ride it out, bask the magnificence of this new single from the New York based boy/girl duo and hope for more music and more information very soon.

The band call their music ‘tumblr-glitch-pop’ and ‘popilepsy’, we call it brilliant. Introspective without wallowing in self-pity or melodrama, “Hurricane” is a fantastic twist on the classic pop of yesteryear. It deals with the emotion of a breaking or broken relationship but via self-analysis rather than by proclaiming remorse and undying love for the other party. The production too is stunning, it’s about as clean as we have heard all year and is the kind that could make almost any system sound amazing.

We’ve had “Hurricane” on repeat a fair bit since we first heard it a couple of weeks back and have been chomping at the bit to share it with you. Now we can.

Take a listen to the track below and click for your free download.

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