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Free Download: Two Door Cinema Club – “Sleep Alone”

19 Jul


It is obviously the time of year for returns, yesterday it was Delphic who stepped out of the wilderness and today it’s Two Door Cinema Club who are bringing forth new material for the masses.

In an email to their mailing list this afternoon the guys revealed that their new single, “Sleep Alone”, is to be premiered on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show in the UK tonight (Thursday) at 19:30. Simultaneously the track will be made available as a free download from their website. But, the free download will be available for 24 hours only so don’t dawdle if you want to fill your ears with new TDCC material.

“Sleep Alone” will be available to buy digitally from 21 July, and on 7″ vinyl from 3 September. Their second album, Beacon, is also due out on 3 September.

This article was updated at 19:48 with more release information and a stream of “Sleep Alone”


Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History – Album Review

1 Mar

OK, so let me preface this entire piece with the admission that yes, I was pretty darn excited about getting my hands on Tourist History. From the snapshots I had heard and the general buzz about Two Door Cinema Club everything was pointing towards great great things. When weighed up against that kind of expectation it is always likely that the realisation will fall some way short and leave you disappointed. So which way does Tourist History fall? Does it live up to the hype or does it leave you disappointed?

Well, neither really. It’s fair to say that the hype outweighs the product but at the same time I didn’t really feel I’d been short-changed or wanting more. Though if I’m honest, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting either. Having been picked up by Kitsuné and having produced a fair amount of decent remixes for other people in the last few months I was expecting a greater emphasis on the dance side rather than the indie-style that is very much to the fore instead. That said, “I Can Talk” is a great upbeat, floor filler which is reminiscent of Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor”.

The only real issue with Tourist History though is that while each track is good, they all sound a bit alike. On more than one occasion I had to double check that I hadn’t accidentally hit repeat on my iPod, so similar are some of the introductions to each song. But as I say, each song is good at the very least and the album does stand up to repeat listening in a short period of time.

The whole album is shamelessly upbeat from the very opening bars of “Cigarettes In The Theatre” all the way through to “You’re Not Stubborn” less than 35 minutes later. Short, sharp indie-pop songs, all of which clock in at less than 4 minutes, Tourist History shoots along at a breakneck speed, barely letting you pause for breath. Full of catchy riffs and hooks, I found tracks like, “This Is The Life”, “Something Good Can Work” and “I Can Talk” bouncing round my head long after I’d stopped listening to the album. In fact, I’d say that triumvirate of songs, one after the other, is the high watermark of the whole CD. “Undercover Martyn” which follows these three is great too, but these are, for me, the standout tracks.

I’ve read elsewhere that they have been likened to Bloc Party and even early Radiohead but I’m not convinced myself. There’s an element of fun in Two Door Cinema Club that isn’t always present in these two groups. That said, there is evidence that both and other indie artists have influenced the tracks on Tourist History, I even thought I heard some Bluetones in there (on “This Is The Life”) and for some reason I can even hear the ‘Danger Mouse’ theme in “What You Know”. Says all you need to know about me really 🙂

I really liked Tourist History and if you’re a fan of upbeat indie-pop I strongly recommend giving it a go. I’ve stuck the CD in the car for the drive to work in the mornings to help get the energies flowing (it sounds even better in the car) and my eyes are well and truly peeled for upcoming gigs as I imagine they would be fantastic live. All in all, a strong, energetic, positive and hugely enjoyable debut which you’ll appreciate even more if you’ve managed to stay clear of the hype Two Door Cinema Club have generated already.

Where’ve You Been?

28 Feb

Yeah, so, been a while hasn’t it?

And yeah, I know, I made a load of promises for February and have delivered on no more than two of them. Sorry about that, but I do have good reason for being so lame.

I got another gig.

Yup, that’s the reason, I now write for a massive American Pop Culture Website in their music section. As such the last couple of weeks have been a bit mental. I write a weekly news round-up column and first up we had to agree how it was going to look, content type etc. That took a few days to resolve, and then there was the writing of the first column itself, which went out last Monday. This was followed by a brief appearance in one of the weekly roundtable columns on the Tuesday and then my second weekly column on the Wednesday. Yeah I know, two days doesn’t make a week but it was decided that Wednesday would be my day so I had to put another one out quite quickly.

So, as you can imagine, as well as the day job and demands of a young family something had to give for a bit, and I’m afraid that something was this blog. That’s not to say though that it’s going to end, far from it in fact. I’ll just need to be a bit more structured about how I do things. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work exactly but I will still be doing Alphabet Bands as well as album and gig reviews (which reminds me, anyone out there able to hook me up a couple of tickets for Delphic & Chew Lips at Heaven on 15 March?). I’ll try and organise myself in such a way that things go out on a regular basis but for now it will be as and when I’m afraid. With any luck it’ll start with a review of Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club tomorrow.

Anyway, the site I write for is 411Mania , my stuff is in the music section, the column’s called the Music 5&1 and you can find the first two here and here as well as my appearance in the weekly Top5 column here. My news round-ups are much more ‘gossip’ based than the stuff I write here but I hope you still enjoy it.

Cheers, Adfunk101.