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Listen: U.V. – “Receiver”

30 Jan


Juxtaposing airy wraithlike vocals and stark, mechanical synths and brooding electronica, Manchester duo U.V. have struck a smoky, foreboding kind of gold with their latest track, “Receiver”. Having apparently spent some time outside the UK for a while, hanging in Berlin no less, the pair of Zandra Klievens and Jonjo Feather has returned with something quite spectacular.

It feels like survival of an atomic relationship that has detonated, the nuclear fallout reaching far and wide leaving desolation in its wake. The vocals are willow the wisp floaty and almost reserved or shy. Like your breath on a cold morning, they are soft and elusive, dissipating gently over the increasingly urgent and bleak melody. The sky is black and red as a lone figure picks her way through the destruction and rubble. The building blocks of the relationship lay in ruin, seemingly solid foundations shattered like glass as this shared world came crashing down. The dystopian and post apocalyptic sounds grow ever powerful and the elegant and hypnotic synth lines become more prominent until “Receiver” builds to its culmination and the dark industrial portent of a coming Skynet rises to take over.

”Receiver” is available to buy on iTunes or on limited edition cassette tape with a free download.

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