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Lana Del Rey Announces Album Details

28 Nov

Pretty much anything Lana Del Rey says or does results in a thousand new blog posts, or 100 new remixes, so expect the internet to go into meltdown after she swung by French TV recently and gave Taratata exclusive details of what we can expect from her in 2012.

Her debut album will be titled Born To Die (or Born 2 Die, depending on who you read) and will be available in the UK on 23 January. The album title is also the name of her next single, which she has been performing live recently, footage of which you can see below.

Initially we were a little bit sceptical of the Del Rey machine but regardless of all the controversy, there can be no denying that she makes delightful, old fashioned pop songs. “Video Games” has become quite the earworm over the last few weeks, hopefully the album will deliver much more of the same.


Listen: Jamie Woon Remixes Lana Del Ray

6 Oct

There has been a lot of controversy over Lana Del Ray recently, with a lot of people self-harming because they love how she sounds but hate the fact that she might actually be a manufactured act! So she got in some help with her image, who cares? We are all trying to be a brand of sorts these days anyway. From the biggest corporations, to musicians, to the people like us who write about it; we are all trying to get somewhere doing something we love. She is no different.

Anyway, regardless of what marketing expertise she has called upon to transition herself from essentially being someone with some songs and a myspace page to the official hottest thing in blogsville, we like her. We like the style of the videos (even if they are rather samey), we like that downtrodden pout she wears and we do like the music she has put online so far.

We also like remixes, and while Jamie Woon is someone we are yet to fully appreciate, we love his remix of Lana’s “Video Games”. Check it out here and let us know what you think of his dubstep take on the femme fatale of the indie-pop world.