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Black Honey – “Somebody Better” (video)

27 Mar

When we write, we often find that the first line is the hardest one to come up with. We can agonise for ages over how to start a piece and where to go with it. Once it is in place, everything seems to flow on. It’s odd really, mainly because we’re fascinated by how and why our mind should work that way but also because many of the bands we like are so damn good at beginnings.

Take Black Honey for example. Over the years, having introduced themselves with a wonderfully mysterious beginning, the Brighton four-piece have proven themselves masters of the intro. We’ve had the hazy, retro pulp-rock openings of ”Spinning Wheel”, ”Madonna”, and ”Corrine”; the Helter Skelter freneticism of ”All My Pride”, and the surprisingly madchester-like swirl of “Hello Today”, amongst others.

Most recently they have treated us to “Somebody Better”, a quintessentially Black Honey track with a bombastic opening, storming middle and vibrant crescendo. It also has a wonderfully off-centre video that is as colourful and vibrant as the track (as well as being a little NSFW) mixing retro and faux-retro into a devilishly cool package, a bit like Black Honey themselves.

There’s something a little Gwen Stefani about Izzy’s vocals (no bad thing at all) as the soundscape created washes out into a heat-blurred horizon; the drums and guitars leading the charge over the top as they kick back in.

In the ongoing game of Black Honey vs the world, put this down as another win for the coolest Brighton gang around.

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Chløë Black – “Wild At Heart” (video)

19 Oct

Chloe Black

Glamour, danger and surrealism. Chløë Black delights in all three and with the video for her latest track, “Wild At Heart”, she delivers them all as well.

Tipping an artist for greatness when you’ve only heard one song is, many would argue, pretty darn foolish. Yet with each new release, Chløë Black is making us look less like the village idiot and more like Nostradamus (minus the beard). Ever since she broke on the scene with “27 Club”, Chløë hasn’t put a foot wrong. Her videos are fantastic, her tunes brilliant and her live show is great too.

Oh, and for those of you keeping score, “Wild At Heart” was not one of the tunes played at her Norwich gig earlier this year either, meaning there are still at least four more total crackers to come.

Here we are treated to another gorgeously dangerous sounding tune, seeped in dark mystery and noir movie nostalgia. The chorus is one to throw your head back and sing along loudly to, the melody undulates seductively like Donna Summer’s arms and the video is one to scratch your head to.

We’ll be honest, we’re not sure what is going on. There is blood (lots of blood) there is dancing, suggested jealousy, driving and a set of fingernails to have blackboards everywhere quaking in their frames. It is dangerous, it is glamourous, it is surreal, it is fabulous and it is very, very Chløë Black.

”Wild At Heart” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Yumi Zouma – “Alena” (video)

28 Mar

Yumi Zouma Alena

With their stunning new EP now available to buy, enjoy and adore, blog favourites Yumi Zouma have returned with the sequel to their bewitching and mysterious ”Catastrophe” video. Set in the same area as before and featuring some of the same characters, “Alena” takes place at a different period (before, after, we don’t know) and focuses on the men of the town.

Directed by the same team, BANGS, as its predecessor, “Alena” is infuriatingly brilliant. Infuriating because it answers none of the questions from “Catastrophe”, what caused them all to fall asleep, what happened when they woke up, what is that mysterious telephone number (that we are yet to work up the gumption to call) all about? None of this is answered. It is utterly maddening, but that just makes “Catastrophe” and “Alena” all the more perfect.

Here we are taken to a self-help, support type, men anonymous group where who knows what is discussed (or not) and in the end movement and dance takes over and helps further the catharsis. But what are they meeting about? Is it to go over the mysterious events? Is it to mourn lost ones from what happened? We have no idea but again, it totally works.

Where the direction excels in particular is the juxtaposition of the slow-motion movement and the more up-tempo but soft and caressing melodies of Yumi Zouma. It is considered, enigmatic and beautiful, just like the Yumi’s themselves.

”Alena” is taken from Yumi Zouma’s ‘EP II’ which is out now on Cascine. You can order the 10″ vinyl here.

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Yellerkin – “Tools” (video)

20 Oct


One thing we’ve learnt over the last few years of Alphabet Band-ing, is that time works differently on the internet than in the real world. While it is perfectly acceptable to discover something organically over a period of days/weeks/months in the real world, on the internet, if it happened last week people aren’t that interested anymore. We know from experience, write about something that is particularly buzzy and popular just a couple of days after it was released, and you might as well not bother. People have read all they want to read about it and, while they may still be enjoying the song or video, they are already looking for the next something to get read about.

Not that has ever stopped us writing about stuff a little later because that’s how we roll. It doesn’t matter if we are first to write something (thought it is always nice when we are) or last, if it is hella good (people still say ‘hella good’ right?) we’ll write about it.

Take this video from Brooklyn elctro-pop pair, Yellerkin for example. Their new video came out five days ago, which in internet time is approximately six and a quarter months, but is so good and accompanies such a fantastic song, that we wanted to share it with you. Even though hopefully, for your sake, you’ve already seen it.

With its backlit, smoke effect, floating legs and bodies, not to mention the odd and intriguing shaping created by the duo’s Pranayama yoga, there’s a bit of a Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe to it; just with more woodland activity and no mash potato mountains.

The song itself has a yeasayery feel to it as oohs float around the trees and genres meld into one but it’s the moment when the synths properly kick in about two thirds in that is really something. It’s bizarrely brilliant, like a wobbly house moment, or if rave culture had been built on lava lamps rather than smilies and pills. It’s woozy and bouncy at the same time, fun and fantastic.

Enjoy, even if you’ve seen it before.

”Tools” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Blogathon: St Vincent – “Digital Witness” (video)

31 Jan

St Vincent Digital Witness

Having surprised us all with the brash psychedelic fabulousness of “Digital Witness”, St Vincent’s Annie Clark has followed it up with a suitably fantastic and Technicolor video. Looking a little bit like she has been hitting a Pet Shop Boys bong, Annie is dressed is super bold colours, matched by her synchronistic co-stars in a surrealist future landscape.

Stands to reason when you think about it.

The foot stomping beat is compounded by a string of marching men and women as repetition abounds in this odd world that seems to be under Annie’s control as she stands to one side, surveying her surroundings. Her head nodding metronomicly in time with the infectiously bright, neon sounds.

We’ve struggled to say much about it because, frankly, it speaks for itself in all its daft, bonkers, bold and brilliant glory.

We can’t wait for the new album and all signs are pointing towards utter brilliance so far.

’St Vincent’ is out on 24 February and can be pre-ordered here.

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