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Competition: Win a signed 12″ Vuvuvultures EP

15 Oct

We got pretty excited back in March when the debut Vuvuvultures EP, VVV, dropped. We were even more excited when we learnt that the band would be performing at this year’s Norwich Sound & Vision Festival, and, after blowing us away with their performance (more on that later this week), they very kindly signed a vinyl copy of VVV to give away to one lucky reader.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this exclusive prize? Just answer this simple question:

What is the name of the first track on the VVV EP?

Send your answer to alphabetbands@gmail.com with the subject line Vuvuvultures Competition.

The competition closes at 23:59 GMT, Monday 22 October. The winner will be drawn at random and announced here on 24 Occtober and notified by email.

One entry only per person allowed.

UPDATE: The correct answer was Ctrl Alt Mexicans

Congratulations to Elliott Mars who wins the signed EP.

Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

Watch: Spring Offensive – “Not Drowning But Waving”

10 Sep

It’s been a while since we wrote anything. There have been a number of factors in that, holiday, the great Olympic and Paralympic distraction, more to do at work etc etc. There was also a not insignificant element of naval gazing on our part as well (more on that later in the week) that resulted in not a key being bashed in anger for some time. Then something happened, something woke us from our slumber and reignited the fire within and actually made us want to write once more. On Saturday morning, we fell head over heels in love with music once more, specifically with the new single from Spring Offensive.

When last we wrote about the Oxford 5-piece, they were ruminating on the mundanity, futility and disappointment of being stuck in a dead end job that didn’t pay enough. Where “Worry Fill My Heart” skipped along, pulling us towards recognition of and empathy with the theme of the song, “Not Drowning But Waving” instead creeps forward into the darkness, opening a doorway to a place within the soul that we can only hope we will never have to visit. But here, now, you can’t help but want to be taken there again and again and again.

When asked what the song is about, it is hard not to turn into Brian from Spaced discussing his paintings, but without the comedy. Anger, fear and guilt all flow like the tide that plays so central a role in the narrative of both song and video as the song rises and swells. Its waves rolling ever faster to the shore before they thunder and crash, knocking you from your feet and carrying you back out into an ocean of emotion. It is reminiscent of another Oxford band’s finest hour, recalling as it does the gradual build and dark undertone of Foals’ epic “Spanish Sahara”.

“Not Drowning But Waving”, is exquisitely crafted and considered and right now, is sounding like the best track we’ve heard all year. We love it so much that we are sharing both the track and the video with you!

“Not Drowning But Waving” is out now digitally and can be bought from iTunes. A physical release on limited edition 7″ vinyl will be on sale online and on the band’s merch stand for the duration of their forthcoming European tour (dates below), the UK leg of which will be announced shortly.

Spring Offensive European Tour
20.09 (NLD) Utrecht, Tivoli
21.09 (DEU) Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
22.09 (NLD) Zwolle, Hedon
24.09 (NLD) Heemskerk, Lokaal
25.09 (LUX) Luxembourg, Rockhal
26.09 (BEL) Leuven, Welcome Festival
27.09 (BEL) Kortrijk, Den Trap
28.09 (BEL) Brussels, Mme Moustache
29.09 (CH) Geneva, La Graviere
30.09 (CH) Porrentruy, Secret Show
01.10 (CH) Bern, Ono
03.10 (CH) Baden, Merkker
04.10 (CH) Basel, Hinterhof
05.10 (CH) Zurich, Exil
06.10 (CH) Wil, Gare De Lion
15.10 (ITA) Milan, Transito
16.10 (ITA) Trieste, Tetris
17.10 (ITA) TBC
18.10 (DEU) Munich, Feierwerk
19.10 (DEU) Freiburg, Raeng Teng Teng
20.10 (DEU) Stuttgart, Keller Klub
21.10 (DEU) Bedroom Disco Secret Show
22.10 (DEU) Dresden, Ostpol
23.10 (DEU) Leipzig, Theater Neues Schauspiel
25.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
26.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
27.10 (DEU) Berlin, Lido
02.11 (DEU) Berlin, Magnet
03.11 (DEU) Hamburg, Molotow
05.11 (DEU) Munster, Pension Schmidt
06.11 (DEU) Hannover, Glocksee
07.11 (DEU) Cologne, Stereo Wonderland
08.11 (DEU) Heidelberg, Haell
09.11 (DEU) Mainz, Schon Schoen

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Watch: Spring Offensive – “Worry Fill My Heart” / Watch: New Spring Offensive Video – “Carrier”

New Field Mouse vinyl is clearly beautiful

24 Feb

You may recall from our somewhat exuberant post about the recent Sunbears! record, that we do love a beautiful looking piece of vinyl. Now we once again find ourselves getting all unnecessary over another stunning piece of wax, this time a 7” slab of pure gorgeousness from Brooklyn based dream-poppers, Field Mouse.

The track, “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom”, is more than a little lovely anyway but when it comes on something that looks this amazing, well, it’s a must have. Try to contain yourselves when you look at the clear vinyl and the dual colour sleeve with opposite coordination.

It is due out on 28 February and you can pre-order the 7” from Small Plates Records. If you still need convincing, take a listen to the track itself below. Good isn’t it?

Competition: Win a test pressing of the new Conveyor / Illuminator split 7″ single

9 Feb

Competition Closed

It’s our first ever competition here at Alphabet Bands, and we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Thanks to the wonderful Conveyor, we think we’ve done just that.

The band has very kindly donated a test pressing of their forthcoming single, “Mukraker”, which is on a split 7” with fellow Brooklyn band, Illuminator and their track, “Gulf Hymn”.

There are only 15 of these test pressings in existence, so this will be a much sort after item for fans of either band or vinyl junkies alike.

To be in with a chance of winning this exclusive prize, just answer this simple question:

What is the name of the Conveyor EP that featured in our best EPs of 2011 list?

Send your answer to alphabetbands@gmail.com with the subject line Conveyor Competition.

The competition closes at 23:59 GMT, Tuesday 21 February. The winner will be drawn at random and announced here on 23 February and notified by email.

One entry only per person allowed.

UPDATE: The correct answer was Sun Ray

Congratulations to Julie Bremner who wins the test pressing.

Keep your eyes open for more contests in the future!

Sunbears! Vinyl Brightens Our Day

31 Dec

As 2011 draws to a close, Alphabet Band Sunbears! (‘S’, obviously) are already laying claim to having the sexiest piece of wax for the whole of 2012.

The vibrant, psychedelic, electro-indie pair released their debut album, You Will Live Forever, digitally and on CD in November, but on 10 January, the guys go vinyl; and what a piece of vinyl it is. Just take a look, bear witness to its magnificence and revel in its glory.

We just love the multi-coloured, translucent marbled effect and have already put an order in for our copy. This LP is so majestic looking that we would probably even buy it if it was a Bieber album (ok, maybe not) but thankfully the music on it is pretty darn good as well. You can stream the album below to check it out for yourselves, then head over to Synconation to pre-order your copy. You probably won’t find anything sexier to buy for just £18 all year.