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Chelsea Jade – “Life of the Party”

11 Apr

Since 2014’s Beacons EP, we’ve not heard that much of Chelsea Jade and her sublime dream-pop. There were a couple of gorgeous tracks posted online about a year ago but nothing more. Today though the silence was broken, well not so much broken and gently put to one side on a bed of cushions, such is the delicate caress of “Life of the Party”.

Like that feeling you get when you walk into a pristine white room, the beginning is crisp and clean. The electronics gently rise up, like furnishings coming through the floor to add decoration to this immaculate scene. The vocals bring more, softer elements to the room, welcoming you in and making you feel relaxed as the beat pulses gently in the corner. As more layers are woven through, the track becomes more and more gentille, more serene. Like a pop-lullaby helping you relax after a long day.

It’s delightfully, subtly joyous and uplifting while simultaneously soothing and calming. Like a so-tilted-she’s-horizontal Christine and the Queens, there is an infectious and devilish groove winding throughout this oh-so soft and heavenly pop tune that we can’t help but get lost in and sway too time and time again.

Interestingly, according to her twitter, “Life of the Party” ”hints at a larger body of work [she] hasn’t officially announced yet”. Could we be about to get a long awaited album? If so, it could turn out to be the most sumptuous and gorgeous of the whole year. Fingers crossed.

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Chelsea Jade – “Find Me”

22 Oct

Chelsea Jade

Such is the amount of new music that we get sent, discover online and generally listen to that it can sometimes be a bit tricky to keep track of who is who, what is what and (embarrassingly) even what we have and haven’t blogged. Often we will find a new artist we quite like, follow them on Soundcloud and three months later when their new song pops up, we’ll scratch our heads and think to ourselves, ‘who on earth is this and why is this song here?’. Whilst this can be a little unnerving at times, we’re learning to live with this goldfish like capability of retaining information, but we do think it is a little mean when artists are complicit in our confusion by changing their bloody names.

Take Chelsea Jade for example. Just the other day her new song “Find Me” popped up in our soundcloud, we listened, we liked, we thought, ‘who on earth is this and why is this song here?’. The lady in question seemed familiar as did her vocals so we poked the little grey cells and went all Google-Poirot on the mystery. Of course it turned out to be not much of a mystery at all as, unlike many artists who choose to re-name and pretend like their previous self never happened, Chelsea Jade Metcalf has made no secret of her evolution from her earlier alias, Watercolours. And it was Watercolours that we had followed on Soundcloud after blogging her collaboration with fellow New Zealander, Boycrush, “Soft Teeth” back in March. Mystery solved.

Watercolours was to all intents and purposes a collective, with up to seven members at any one time with Chelsea providing vocals but, as she explained in an excellent interview with Stuff.co.nz her new music is all about her and it’s something she is excited by and proud of. She is now a one-woman show with no pseudonym to hide behind, it’s all her, all laid bare, “I almost feel like I was hiding before. That sounds so corny.

“The songs almost feel like a conduit for emotion. It doesn’t feel like there’s a front; it feels totally authentic. I like pop music because it can make you feel something and it can also recontextualise your experiences, and I guess that’s what I’m trying to do”, she explained.

This new step includes the release of a new EP, Beacons, this week and that is where “Find Me” comes in, popping up on our Soundcloud feed and momentarily confusing the hell out of us.

In fact, confusion is quite apt when considering “Find Me” as it is fantastically befuddling at times. It’s colourful yet sparse and monochromatic, simultaneously warm and cool, it’s gentle, embracing pop but made with isolating electronic noodles. It’s rather wonderful. It puts us in mind of Oh Land in the vocal styling and the subtle complexity and wondrousness of the soundscapes it creates. Dreamy soft yet spiky too and with a beautifully upbeat and melancholic chorus.

Time to embrace the confusion people and enjoy this fantastic slice of electro-poppery.

”Chelsea Jade’s new EP, ‘Beacons’, is due for release on 24 October 24.

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Watercolours – “Soft Teeth”

6 Mar


In all honesty, there is something about the idea of soft teeth that we find extremely disturbing. Like some kind of horrific anxiety nightmare where all your teeth have turned to mush and you can’t eat anything or even speak properly. Thankfully this collaboration between New Zealand pair Watercolours and Boycrush (who is on production duties here) is altogether a much more pleasant reverie, a flying one perhaps.

“Soft Teeth” is taken from their split 7” (out now, details below) and on it Chelsea Jade Metcalf’s vocals drift like a daydreaming mind on a warm summer’s afternoon. Playful, wind-up toy evoking guitars are picked and tickled below as the song chimes softy, caressing you as it does so.

It’s a pink and white, soft pastel coloured swirl of a track. Creamy and delightful like marshmallows dripped in a Mr Whippy ice cream, with the soft rat-a-tat-tat drumming sprinkled all over like hundreds and thousands as your ears lap up the so sweet sounding and delicious melodies.

The Watercolours/Boycrush Split 7” is out now and available to buy here.

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