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Waylayers Debut Another New Song, “Awake : Asleep (Frozen Motion)”

21 Sep

Last week we took a quick look at the cracking new single by up and coming London electro three-piece, Waylayers. “Hear No Lies” was released this week and now the band has premiered another new song, “Awake : Asleep (Frozen Motion)”.

It sounds fairly simplistic to start with, but it is full of swirling synth sounds and delicate, almost broken vocals. “Awake : Asleep…” is practically onomatopoeic. Broken up into delicate, whisper-like verses and a big, soaring chorus, the song floats and lilts from a dreamy slumber to rousing wakefulness and back again. It is another example of the talent this young band has and the potential for greatness that lies ahead of them.
Check out the track and video below.