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Listen: The Other Tribe – “Nobody Else”

5 Dec

The Other Tribe - Nobody Else

Recently, amongst our 2014 Preview posts and beyond, we have posted a fair bit of music that embraces the winter cold and thrives amongst the silence and stillness of a snow covered landscape. Sometimes though, you need something just a tiny bit warmer to keep you going and that’s exactly where The Other Tribe come in.

We last featured them way back in March when, even then, summer sun and warmth seemed a distant dream. They blasted our senses then with the infectious antipodean infused heat of “We Should Be Dancing” and they are back to roast our chestnuts (not a euphemism) with the equally searing “Nobody Else”.

It opens up like a bubble popping, captured in slow motion so you can see all the energy releasing as the song bursts out into a million flecks of colour and energy. It’s sharp and dazzling, like a shattered rainbow, shards of vibrancy scattered all over as the tribal percussion cascades and tumbles around it. It’s funky, groovy and danceable fun that’ll thaw out even the coldest of toes.

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Free Download: The Other Tribes – “We Should Be Dancing”

21 Mar

The Other Tribe

Hey look, it’s yet another band from Bristol come to groove us up. This time the city currently vying with Brooklyn for the title of music capitol of the world has sent us The Other Tribe. Unlike other Bristol based acts, these guys are rocking a distinctly antipodean, Cut Copy-esque type of electronic pop music.

Unsurprisingly, given their name, pulsating tribal percussions drive “We Should Be Dancing” along as infectious melodies bounce about. It’s funky, dancey and grooves along at a reasonable rate of summer filled knots. “You know we should be dancing, dancing, dancing. You know we could be laughing, laughing, laughing” they sing, and we should. It’s get up on the floor and wind your body-tastic. Get your free download here and go cut some shapes.

As a bonus, we also have the video for the band’s big summer song from last year, “Skirts”. Why are we posting it now? Because we’ve only just seen it and it, like a dozen fat clowns who excel at slapstick, is tonnes of fun. Like a teenage Wendy walking into Neverland to meet teenage lost boys (and girls) for whom faith, trust and pixie dust has been replaced by psilocybin mushrooms, warpaint and a little bit of bi-curiosity. J. M. Barrie certainly never dreamed of that (we imagine).

Via Breaking More Waves

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