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Curxes – “What You Want”

30 Apr


Earlier this week we spoke about the excitement of finally getting something you’ve been waiting ages for. In that instance it was the exhilarating new single from Avec Sans and we continue the theme today with another blog love, Curxes.

In the interests of full disclosure we haven’t yet got the thing that we have eagerly been anticipating for, well a couple of years now, but it’s almost here. The debut album from the blitz-pop duo (trio? Roberta and Macaulay have a Camille now, she likes to hit things – drums we hope) arrives next week and we are a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve, hyped up and impatient. From the pre-order details we know that Verxes includes old favourites (“Avant Guarded” and “Further Still” for example) and, with the release yesterday of “What You Want”, new delights.

It’s a bit more pop and a bit less blitz than we’ve become accustomed to, a bit more dancey but still edgy. It’s still sharp, and full of flashing laser light electronics and Roberta’s vocals are forceful and determined, backed with an almost defiant chanting of the title that feels part protest, part battle cry.

It’s brash and bold with retro 80s sounds, attitude and a cracking hook. It’s a fantastic appetiser for the main course we’ve been hungrily waiting for and in less than a week, we can all tuck in.

”What You Want” is taken from the debut Curxes album, ‘Verxes’, out on 4 May. You can pre-order the album here.

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