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Blogathon: Heart of a Dog – “HOSS” Will Bloomfield Remix

31 Jan

Heart of a Dog - HOSS2

Time for a little Norwich love on the Blogathon now as we share a remix that has Fine City written all over it. Heart of a Dog’s “HOSS” has been given the once over by Port Isla’s Will Bloomfield and the result is a misty cloud of aural wistfulness.

We said that the original was delicate and understated but Will’s remix has taken it to a new level as barely there melodies swirl and dissipate before coming back together again. It’s like dry ice billowing out over a test tube of vocals and fragile percussion with his own piano sounds blending into an oh so slightly fuzzy electronic haze.

If music was bedding (God, it’s only been two hours and we’re thinking about sleep already…) then this would be a memory foam mattress perfectly contoured to fit your body shape and super snugly duvet that always keeps you at just the right temperature. You just climb in, snuggle down and immediately feel at home, comfortable and safe.

We predicted big things for Port Isla this year but we didn’t envisage the bonus success of remixer Will. If he keeps this kind of quality up, we’ll have to.

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Ho Ho Holy Crap It’s Almost Christmas…

24 Dec


Goodness, 2013 has flown by and here we are, what feels like just moments after the summer ended, on the cusp of Christmas and then the New Year. As is customary at this time of year, the festive songs are everywhere and for today Alphabet Bands will be no different.

If you’ve been reading Breaking More Waves these past two days, you’ll know that the big man himself has been in residence, effing and blinding and drinking all the whiskey. Due to contractual restrictions, Santa is unable to make an appearance here as well but that doesn’t matter as we managed to have a good rummage in his record box while his back was turned (chatting up one of the lady elves he was) and grabbed a few tunes for your enjoyment.

We’ll be back after Christmas with more of the best new music and probably some sort of look back over the year, talking about our 2013 and the like. For now though, enjoy the songs, both old and new (and especially the Christmas jumpers from the Air Marshall Landing guys) and have a wonderful few days with family and friends.

Us Baby Bear Bones – “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

Port Isla – “Snowfall”

Mahoney and the Moment – “Call Me Back (I’ll Wait Til Christmas)”

Air Marshall Landing – “A Holly Jolly Christmas”

Maps – “Merry Christmas (My Friend)”

Will Bloomfield – “Tower Breakers (Christmas)”

Strangers – “This Year (Christmas Song)”

George Ezra – “Let It Snow”

Heart of a Dog – “Railroad Man”

Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas”

Merry Christmas everyone, see you on the other side when our belly will be bulging and our blood type will be Rum.

2014 Preview: Listen Out For #13 – Port Isla

28 Nov

Port Isla

Norwich based Port Isla are one of those bands that outwardly looked to have a fairly quiet year, but actually achieved quite a bit and were working hard to get set up for 2014.

After starting 2013 with the summer sunshine and energy of “Adventurers” (which, incidentally, we said would sound great played at festivals, just call us Nostradamus), the band went on to have a cracking summer themselves. Blog and critical support was already on the rise when they stormed to the final of the 2013 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition thereby raising their profile still further. They may not have won, but so impressed were the judges by their fantastic folk-pop sounds, that they were booked to play The Acoustic Field anyway.

Time has been spent in the studio and with any luck there will be an EP (at least) released next year as a result. As well as being super talented (especially frontman Will, whose remixes are pretty fantastic as well), they are the kind of lovely people that you want to do well. They make such enthusiastic and warm music that you can’t help but like them, and with a little luck (they already have the talent and dedication – it’s what you need after all) they will be charming a lot of people next year.

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Watch: Heart of a Dog – “HOSS”

18 Nov

Heart of a Dog - HOSS

The second of our new videos that perfectly complement the music today (the first was Box of Light’s “Falling”) comes from folky twosome, Heart of a Dog (though there is often more than two of them as they have an interchangeable line-up of guest musicians, always eager to help out).

Produced by Iain Lowery, their latest track, “HOSS”, which features Port Isla’s Will Bloomfield on piano (we did say there was often more than two of them) is a gentle meld of backwards guitars (no hidden messages contained within as far as we can tell) looped into a soft melody and a subtle rhythms. It’s delicate and understated with beautiful calm waves of guitar lapping against a percussion shore, filling the sunken footprints of vocals before receding and washing them away like an aural barefoot walk in the sand.

To accompany such a tender song, First Kiss Films have created a charming little animation with Jonah-ristic leanings, shooting stars looping across a frayed night sky and waves lapping against a lighthouse. Simple, elegant and delightful, it’s another example of song and visuals bobbing gently together on the tide.

”HOSS” is out now and available as a free download from the Heart of a Dog bandcamp page.

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What’s In the Box? – #2

1 Jun

Whats In The Box

It’s Saturday, no school today, so what you going to do?

Peruse and enjoy a bunch of tracks taken from the Alphabet Bands inbox of course! We tried this a few weeks ago and it seemed to go over quite well so we thought we’d have another bash. Here’s the premise.

Like every other blog, we are inundated with emails from bands and PR companies on a daily basis, asking us to feature their music in some form or another. While this is great and we love hearing as much as we can of what comes in, we just don’t have enough time to feature everything, no matter how late we stay up writing (and believe us, it can get quite late). We really want to bring you as much of it as possible so from time to time will produce this occasional feature that will showcase some of the submissions that we have enjoyed in the past week or so. While we won’t be as verbose in our descriptions of each one, we figured some words were better than none. At least this way you get to hear them too right? And that’s the main thing.

So sit back, relax, get your ears ready and enjoy some remixes, videos and new tracks as we rummage around and find out ‘What’s In The Box?’.

Curxes – “Further Still (Avec Sans Remix)”

We loved “Further Still” to pieces when it came out (and still regularly play it in the car on the way to and from work) and this remix is pretty darn amazing as well. It got a fair amount of love from the blog world at the start of the week but seemed to get washed away by the Chvrches tidal wave that engulfed us all. So we thought we’d start this week’s round up by showing it some love and bringing it back to you attention. It’s much more swirly and ethereal than the original, taking its tone and using some sweet science to give it a dry ice sensation. It deserves to be listened to a lot, and it’s available as a free download too.

Daughter – “Love (Will Bloomfield Remix)”

Another remix and another free download to enjoy now, this time from Mr. Will Bloomfield, who has recently started to share his burgeoning remixing talent with us all on Soundcloud. As the main man of Norwich’s own Port Isla (who will be playing Glastonbury this year don’t forget) we don’t know how he has the time, but after stellar remixes of Phoenix, Lana Del Rey and Alphabet Band, The Disraeli Gears, he has turned his attention to Daughter.

“Love” was already a wonderfully sedate piece of melancholia but Will has somehow managed to turn it down still further, add just the right amount of shimmer and a delicate but forceful electronic beat underneath.

Listen to more of Will’s remixes on SoundCloud

Flash Bang Band – “If You’re Driving”

Something new from Brighton next that our good friends at Someofitistrue sent our way this week. “If You’re Driving” is the debut single from Flash Bang Band, a trio of young indie rockers who appear to have a thing for feet as well as jangly riffs and jump-a-longa choruses. The guys are signed to At The Helm Records and as well as releasing “If You’re Driving” on Monday, their debut album will be out on 29 July.

Swimming Lessons – “Double”

Ben Lewis is a guy whose stock appears to well and truly on the up. Performing as Swimming Lessons, this 24 year old from Leeds has recently been found playing with Blue Hawaii, Chad Valley and Grimes, amongst others. On his latest track, “Double”, Lewis has given us a world of dreamy late night electronica. This is what you play when you get in from a night out and you’re not quite ready for it to end. Soothing and revitalising, it’s the sort of thing that soundtracks a look out across the city skyline in that magical time as the hours become small but before the birds have woken.

Blue & Gold – “Ghost Man”

From Leeds to Brooklyn now as we move from dreamy, atmospheric electronic to something altogether more raw and dirty. “Ghost Man” has all the hallmarks of good old fashioned rock with sharp riffs overlaying cacophonous drums and vocals dripping with bluesy swagger. They say they like the White Stripes, and Led Zeppelin, and Cream and Hendrix and countless others. It shows. Blue & Gold have got it going on and we can’t help but indulge our inner rocker and get down with them.

“Ghost Man” is available to buy on iTunes.

Starkeeper – “Elle”

Evidently, “Elle” by Belgium’s <bStarkeeper has been floating around for a little while now (certainly the video appears to have been online for ages) but it was just this week that the guys popped it into our inbox and we sat up and took notice.

Taken from their debut EP, Find Desire, “Elle” is a hauntingly downbeat piece of pop music. Echoes of Mazzy Star and William Orbit era Madonna filter out from within, as do tinges of electro-folk and melancholic orchestral pop. Songwriting duo Ivy Smits and Dieter Meeuwis share vocals as well as creativity and the duet is sweet and touching. The video is pretty cool as well.

Balah Resort – “Emily Again”

You know how we said that “Double” by Swimming Lessons should be listened to late at night?
Well the same can be said of the debut Balah Resort album, Days In Commonwealth. It was difficult to choose a track to showcase as they are all beautifully relaxed and becalming, but we have gone for the Vangellis tinged “Emily Again”. It’s so delicate it borders on being brittle, you’d be worried that turning it up too loud would actually break the soundwaves, but this isn’t music to be played loudly, this is music that brings about tranquillity. Listen to this and you’ll be inclined to turn off the lights and unplug the phone, not for sexy times mind you, just to unwind and let the weariness and stress of the world wash away from you.

Days In Commonwealth is out now and can be bought via the Balah Resort Bandcamp page.

Wan Light – “Space Canaries”

If you’re anything like us, you are already listening to this for no other reason than its called “Space Canaries”. It’s ok to admit it, we did it too. For those of you who want some words as well, this is the title track from the latest album by Stockholm based duo, Wan Light. As well as an awesome title, it has a very Pet Shop Boys feel to both the synthy, poppy sound (there are flecks of ambient indie in there too) and the vocals as well. All of which makes for a very enjoyable listen. And it has the best title of a song we’ve seen all year…

That’s all for this week, see you soon for more inbox related aural pleasure.