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Woïnkpa – “Tenderised”

19 Mar


It’s late at night, we should have been asleep hours ago yet here we are indulging our insatiable love of new music and letting sounds get under our skin. Specifically, we have been letting the sounds of Woïnkpa get under our skin tonight. “Tenderised” has had a fair number of plays already in the last week or so but tonight it’s slightly enigmatic and mysterious swirl of melody and electronics has us hooked and we keep coming back for more.

A mixed French and African ethnicity and wide ranging musical and cultural influences have led Woïnkpa to call herself a ‘patchwork’ and this certainly comes through in “Tenderised” with its distinctly two-part feel.

A soft and dreamy opening, full of swaying harmonies and lazy, languorous beat melt into hazy synths as Woïnkpa’s vocals lilt delicately atop it all. It is a hypnotic marbling of sound on the orangey pink canvas of a sunset that, after two delicious minutes, gives way to the night and the magic that it brings. While many are sleeping, the night is a time for fun, mischief and excitement for others and as the darkness falls on “Tenderised”, the lights of clubs and bars flicker into life and the tempo picks up. New layers of sound come out from their hiding places, a renewed energy and effervescence takes Woïnkpa’s mesmeric vocal on a ride of calmed euphoria. It is the sonic equivalent of letting your hair down, grabbing some friends and injecting just a little bit more indietronic energy into your night to complement that blissfully chilled out feeling you’d been indulging in all evening.

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