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In Their Own Words: Conveyor on Conveyor.

5 Jul

Like most of the internet, we fell in love with the sound of Conveyor when we stumbled across their Sun Ray EP towards the end of last year. Such was the impression that it made, it headed up our EPs of 2011 feature and since then the band has been going from strength to strength. Since the turn of the year they have been drip feeding us layer upon layer of sonic sumptuousness via the medium of three new tracks, all building to the release of their debut LP, the eponymously named Conveyor.

With an extremely successful launch show in the bag, the band are now touring North America to promote what could well be one of the most ear-opening albums of the year. Before they set off, we asked them to give us an insight into each of the eleven tracks on the album, and tell us a bit about what they mean and where they come from. So here, in their own words, are Conveyor on Conveyor.

1. Woolgatherer
Strands of neurons are soaked in a chemical dye and then gathered together to be braided on a loom made from collected dead tree branches. The result is a tether used to hoist piles of asthmatic brains out of a primordial pit.

2. Two Davids
Two distinct men with the same name reach similar conclusions regarding extra-sensory influences on lifelong personality traits.

3. Mane
Flipping and flopping despite foregone conclusions is paired with an intense urge to be overridden, overtaken, and forced into blissful submission by a cervical grip.

4. Short Hair
A heavy-handed metaphor for the importance of timeliness in strategic life decisions, but: after all, it grows back anyway, right?

5. Reach
A proposed theoretical model on coming to terms with predilections towards unreliable idealizations of people, places, things.

6. Homes
“This is one of the Earth’s last great places,” is what the sign said, at least, well not “said” but “read,” I guess, and above anything else we were confident that it was telling the truth.

7. Right Sleep
Various wavelengths of light prod differently at arousal levels of biological systems and preempt sympathetic responses like anxiety, nervousness, worry. A light-absorbent compound coats the inside of a lampshade and mulls it all over while I sleep, softly and safely.

8. Mom Talk
A dilemma in which significant conversation inevitably begs the question: how much information is too much information? One suggested solution is shifting the responsibility of conversation to the other party.

9. Mukraker
Adolescent self-doubt manifests in the form of a dialog between two close partners.

10. All
A new mantra for the foundation of healthy and happy relationships between friends, families, lovers.

11. Anne
Declarations of surety give way to a pensive come-down, all twisted stomachs and wobbly heads on rubber necks, worn out phrases tumbling out of bone-dry mouths, ankles swollen, faces red: from sun or supposition??

Conveyor is out on 17 July via Paper Garden records. You can pre-order the album here on clear vinyl, CD or digitally. Come back next week for our full review.