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Watch: Spring Offensive – “No Assets”

18 Mar

Spring Offensive No Assets

Slowly but surely, Oxfordshire’s Spring Offensive has not only become one of our favourite young bands around, but has also been (justifiably) hoovering up critical acclaim as well. Their latest track, “No Assets”, moves away from some of the softer, more atmospheric melancholia and instead embodies the properties of a well know breakfast cereal as it snaps and pops, though it fizzes more than it crackles to be fair.

It is still full of a kind of social melancholia though, dealing as it does with youthful financial struggles. In fact, it could be read as a lyrical prequel to another of the band’s fantastic tracks, “Worry Fill My Heart”, where the narrative conundrum of ‘How’d I end up in a job like this’ seems to follow on from “No Assets” theme of , ‘we have no cash, we need to start saving’.

As well as being purveyors of fantastic pop, Spring Offensive are also a dab hand with a camera and a creative concept. The video for the aforementioned “Worry Fill My Heart” featured the use of a hybridised form of sign language and a fairly intense and dangerous looking game of bow and arrow chicken. For “No Assets” the band and some willing volunteers each strapped iPhones to their chests to create 12 simultaneous shots of the same event all shown on the screen at once. Think 24 but with less plot holes and more endearing characters.

They think it is a music video first, which it probably is, and it’s a lot of fun working out who is watching whom and from where. Have a go.

Catch Spring Offensive On Tour
Headline shows:
18 March – Oxford, UK – Turl Street Kitchen (acoustic)
19 March – London, UK – The Lexington
21 March – Cardiff, UK – Undertone
22 March – Bristol, UK – Rise Records
23 March – Norwich, UK – Norwich Arts Centre

European dates:
27 March – Basel, Switzerland – Kaserne Basel
06 April – Antwerp, Belgium – Arenberg

With To Kill A King:
09 April – Birmingham, UK – HMV Temple Bar
11 April – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club
12 April – Manchester, UK – The Ruby Lounge
13 April – Glasgow, UK – Nice N Sleazy

With Gaz Coombes:
16 April – Canterbury, UK – St Mary’s Church Ashford
17 April – Portsmouth, UK – Wedgewood Rooms
18 April – Cardiff, UK – The Gate Arts & Community Centre
19 April – Gloucester, UK – Gloucester Guildhall
21 April – Stockton, UK – Georgian Theatre
22 April – York, UK – The Duchess
23 April – Liverpool, UK – The Kazimier

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2013 Preview: Listen Out For – Spring Offensive

27 Nov

This year is certainly ending on a high for our latest band to Listen Out for. As if being responsible for some of our most loved tracks of the year, including our current favourite “Not Drowning but Waving”, was not enough, Spring Offensive was last week named BBC Introducing in Oxford’s Band of the Year.

This came after the five piece had received an abundance of critical acclaim for their music, became embroiled in a mini-controversy over the use of pseudo-sign language in the video for “Worry Fill My Heart”, toured both the UK and Europe playing to packed venues and house parties as well as releasing a couple of 7” with some rather delightful handmade accoutrements.

One of the reasons for the acclamation by so many is the simple honesty in the song-writing. “Worry…,” for example, deals with the banality of being in a dead-end job and the stifling claustrophobia of the economic situation we find ourselves in. Simply and eloquently it expresses the feeling of impotence many suffer as they live hand to mouth doing a job they dislike for people they hate with no stimulation available at all. Even when they deal with (what we hope to be) a more fantastical situation in “Not Drowning…” they are still able to tell the tale with conviction and sincerity.

Musically we love their use of harmony to convey the emotion of the song, adding drama, heartbreak, guilt with simple yet so effective dexterity. The tracks are exquisitely crafted with the guitars and rhythms layered in perfect synergy with the mellifluous vocals to create songs that are both sing-a-longable and lose-yourself-inable. 2012 was a good year for Spring Offensive, 2013 should be even better.

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Watch: Spring Offensive – “Not Drowning But Waving”

10 Sep

It’s been a while since we wrote anything. There have been a number of factors in that, holiday, the great Olympic and Paralympic distraction, more to do at work etc etc. There was also a not insignificant element of naval gazing on our part as well (more on that later in the week) that resulted in not a key being bashed in anger for some time. Then something happened, something woke us from our slumber and reignited the fire within and actually made us want to write once more. On Saturday morning, we fell head over heels in love with music once more, specifically with the new single from Spring Offensive.

When last we wrote about the Oxford 5-piece, they were ruminating on the mundanity, futility and disappointment of being stuck in a dead end job that didn’t pay enough. Where “Worry Fill My Heart” skipped along, pulling us towards recognition of and empathy with the theme of the song, “Not Drowning But Waving” instead creeps forward into the darkness, opening a doorway to a place within the soul that we can only hope we will never have to visit. But here, now, you can’t help but want to be taken there again and again and again.

When asked what the song is about, it is hard not to turn into Brian from Spaced discussing his paintings, but without the comedy. Anger, fear and guilt all flow like the tide that plays so central a role in the narrative of both song and video as the song rises and swells. Its waves rolling ever faster to the shore before they thunder and crash, knocking you from your feet and carrying you back out into an ocean of emotion. It is reminiscent of another Oxford band’s finest hour, recalling as it does the gradual build and dark undertone of Foals’ epic “Spanish Sahara”.

“Not Drowning But Waving”, is exquisitely crafted and considered and right now, is sounding like the best track we’ve heard all year. We love it so much that we are sharing both the track and the video with you!

“Not Drowning But Waving” is out now digitally and can be bought from iTunes. A physical release on limited edition 7″ vinyl will be on sale online and on the band’s merch stand for the duration of their forthcoming European tour (dates below), the UK leg of which will be announced shortly.

Spring Offensive European Tour
20.09 (NLD) Utrecht, Tivoli
21.09 (DEU) Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
22.09 (NLD) Zwolle, Hedon
24.09 (NLD) Heemskerk, Lokaal
25.09 (LUX) Luxembourg, Rockhal
26.09 (BEL) Leuven, Welcome Festival
27.09 (BEL) Kortrijk, Den Trap
28.09 (BEL) Brussels, Mme Moustache
29.09 (CH) Geneva, La Graviere
30.09 (CH) Porrentruy, Secret Show
01.10 (CH) Bern, Ono
03.10 (CH) Baden, Merkker
04.10 (CH) Basel, Hinterhof
05.10 (CH) Zurich, Exil
06.10 (CH) Wil, Gare De Lion
15.10 (ITA) Milan, Transito
16.10 (ITA) Trieste, Tetris
17.10 (ITA) TBC
18.10 (DEU) Munich, Feierwerk
19.10 (DEU) Freiburg, Raeng Teng Teng
20.10 (DEU) Stuttgart, Keller Klub
21.10 (DEU) Bedroom Disco Secret Show
22.10 (DEU) Dresden, Ostpol
23.10 (DEU) Leipzig, Theater Neues Schauspiel
25.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
26.10 (DEU) Berlin, Secret ‘Wohnzimmer’ show
27.10 (DEU) Berlin, Lido
02.11 (DEU) Berlin, Magnet
03.11 (DEU) Hamburg, Molotow
05.11 (DEU) Munster, Pension Schmidt
06.11 (DEU) Hannover, Glocksee
07.11 (DEU) Cologne, Stereo Wonderland
08.11 (DEU) Heidelberg, Haell
09.11 (DEU) Mainz, Schon Schoen

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Watch: Spring Offensive – “Worry Fill My Heart”

17 Mar

Social commentary in music can come in many forms. Earlier this week we were treated to the rousing, visceral dissection of the class system by Plan B and now, in their brand new single released today, Spring Offensive are giving us their take on the banality of everyday life and the feeling of being trapped by the economic situation around us.

Vocalist Lucas Whitworth explains, “It’s a reaction to that feeling of impotence when confronted with a difficult choice. So many of our friends, family and people we meet are stuck in this terrible position – we keep being told that we’re lucky to have a job, as unemployment soars, but we still need an outlet to escape the monotony, to stop our lives from stagnating and becoming grey. So we sing, or we go to gigs, or we do whatever we need to just to feel engaged…”

One thing we don’t recommend you do to keep engaged though, is get together with a mate and embark on a game of chicken with a bow and arrow, despite what the accompanying video may depict. Don’t try this at home kids. The flick, also released today and which you can see below, was created with assistance from Dave Matthams from Runaway Media and is the perfect accompaniment to the song.

Set in a fairly beige room, presumably to further represent the bland existence of many, the video uses a hamster on a wheel to illustrate the sense of futility and frustration of being stuck in a rut and never reaching a goal. As well as this, a group of extras join the band in signing the chorus as the voiceless majority, plodding on without the chance to speak up and be heard.

The band has already generated a lot of buzz for their previous track and video, “Carrier” which is the B-side to “Worry Fill My Heart”. No doubt a lot more is on the way.

“Worry Fill My Heart” is out digitally today and a physical CD release will include the aforementioned “Carrier”, an exclusive track entitled “Ridgefield” and a remix from WILDSWIM. The CD will be available to buy during their upcoming tour (dates below) before it is available to buy online, so you know what to do if you want one.

In the meantime, enjoy the song and video.

Spring Offensive Live Dates

29th – Electricity Showrooms, London
30th – The Green Door Store, Brighton
31st – Secret Location, Oxford

01st – The Castle Hotel, Manchester
02nd – SOYO, Sheffield
03rd – The Head of Steam, Newcastle
04th – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
05th – Gwdihw, Cardiff
10th – Schon Schön, Mainz
11th – MUZ, Nurnberg
12th – Häll, Heidelberg
13th – Parterre, Basel

Watch: New Spring Offensive Video – “Carrier”

25 Feb

Oxford has a rich history of producing quality music and the latest band to emerge from the UK’s education epicentre is Spring Offensive. The guys are getting ready to hit the road and if you scroll down you can find out when and where you will be able to catch them.

Before that though, you should check out their brand new video for the soft and emotive track, “Carrier”. It’s a lovely little number and the video is similarly haunting and melancholic, it’s also a B side. That’s right, it’s not even the main focus of their forthcoming release; that would be the more upbeat and sharp single, “Worry Fill My Heart”, which is out on 17 March.

Spring Offensive Live Dates

16th – The End, Birmingham
29th – Electricity Showrooms, London
30th – The Green Door Store, Brighton
31st – Secret Location, Oxford

01st – The Castle Hotel, Manchester
02nd – SOYO, Sheffield
03rd – The Head of Steam, Newcastle
04th – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
05th – Gwdihw, Cardiff
10th – Schon Schön, Mainz
11th – MUZ, Nurnberg
12th – Häll, Heidelberg
13th – Parterre, Basel