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‘U’ is for Us Baby Bear Bones

24 Jul

Us Baby Bear Bones

You don’t need us to tell you (but we will anyway) that these days, with the continued expansion of online streaming services and social media added to the traditional methods of yore, ways in which we can discover new music are legion. Gone are the days of relying on the music press to give away a free tape or CD alongside rave reviews of bands you’d hitherto never heard of; or listening to the likes of John Peel, or Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley, to hear samples of new and exciting bands. Nope, nowadays you can just jump online and people are there, ready and waiting to give you as much music as you can handle of any style or genre.

Being a blog, we don’t even have to go looking for new music anymore if we’d prefer not to as people just send us mail after mail asking that we take a listen and perhaps feature their track, album, video, EP etc. So it is all the more special when we do discover something organically, especially when it is completely by chance and really rather amazing. Which is exactly how we first heard Us Baby Bear Bones, by chance in a pub in Norwich and they blew us away.

Doing some research after the gig we wondered how we had not heard of this Brighton trio before as they have not been without blog support, but so it was as we trundled into the Birdcage pub on a Friday evening primarily to support a local label and promoter, Barefeet Records, who was putting on the show, with no clue of what to expect.

What we got was an evening of high quality banter and even higher quality music. Cool synths and electronica wash over compulsive beats, Puff and Daisy’s intertwining vocals and harmonies are ice sculptures atop a sonic glacier bathed in shadow. Yes, for while the tracks are beautiful and can be soothing on the ear, they are swathed in darkness as well. The well of the macabre has been visited and drawn from, as is especially evidenced by the amazing new and somewhat gruesome video for “Sun”.

Performing live they are somehow able to add more to a sound that is already multi facetted and has more layers than Mr Skinny in winter. Not that they believe in making life easy for themselves. Being multi-instrumentalists with such a range of sounds in their music means there can be a lot to do on stage, particularly for poor Luke who appears to be a blur as he moves from guitar to his electronic beats and glockenspiel. At least Daisy (bass synth, casio, omnichord and samples) and Puff (vocals, loops, drums and clarinet) get to stand in largely the same place.

Us Baby Bear Bones Shadow

It is this setting though that allows them to expand still further and tracks like “Swamp” and “You” (the studio versions of which sound gorgeous) seem to swell and fill the surroundings. The demure vocal stylings take on a new edge and energy without ever losing the beauty of the song. The secret appears to be that in amongst the layers of sound, the spiralling electronic and rhythms, the world of ice and the creeping shadows, damn fine pop songs are to be found. They are emotional and evocative as well as being catchy and very easy on the ear. It’s hard to choose a standout but “You” in particular is swirly like a galaxy, magnificent and seemingly infinite, growling and bursting with each note and vocal. It is simply stunning.

If there is a moral to this tale, and we are not sure there is, it is that music isn’t just on the internet and that taking a chance on a live show now and then can pay dividends. More importantly it is that Us Baby Bear Bones is undeniably quite a special young act at work and one which we should be hearing much more of in the coming months and years. For now though we are delighted to induct them into the hallowed halls of Alphabet Bands and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Us Baby Bear Bones’ debut EP, What Starts With A U Ends With An I, is out now and available in a number of packages from their Bandcamp page.

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