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Dano – “Your Love”

12 Jul

Over the last couple of years we have expanded our horizons a little, from being a humble blog to also dabbling in gig promotion and running our own label. It is the latter that has our attention and excitement today as we are delighted to announce the release of a debut track by a very exciting new soulful electro-pop artist, Dano, via our very own Morpheme Records.

Listening to the downtempo beats and rich soulful vocals of “Your Love” you won’t be surprised to learn that her influences include Mary J Blige, Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. There is a fragility and emotion to her lyrics as she recalls a previous relationship, looking back on it with a maturity she admits to lacking at the time.

She is just 20 years old, yet has already managed to undertake a five-year musical journey of sonic experimentation and development as well as gigging everywhere and anywhere to help her confidence. Only now does she feel comfortable enough to share her music with us and what a wonderful starting point she has offered.

A self-taught pianist and singer-songwriter, Dano has teamed up with producer Jack to create a devilishly sinewy and brooding electronic playground for her haunting voice. The beats are hypnotic and the hook is one that’ll creep up on you days later and take over your brain.

It’s dark, emotive and infectious, just the way we like it.

“Your Love” is out now via Morpheme Records and is available to buy on iTunes.

Get to know Dano: Instagram / Twitter


Watch: Hoodlums & CocknBullKid cover Nicki Minaj – Your Love

10 Feb

We really dug the latest single from Hoodlums, and we bloody loved Adulthood by CocknBullKid; so when we heard they had teamed up for a song, our interest was piqued and we got more than a little excited.

That they were covering a Nicki Minaj track did nothing to temper our enthusiasm, though how amazing would it have been if they’d done “Super Bass” instead? Indeed, we think it works really well with Lou Vainglorious and Nick Pini from Hoodlums getting all acoustic and stuff with Anita Blay over “Your Love”. It’s a bit like the Radio One Live Lounge, only without all those painful covers people insist on doing of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.

Check out the video of Hoodlums and CocknBullKid performing together below.