We’ve been at this Session malarkey for a while now so we thought it might be quite fun to collate all of them into one place for your viewing and listening pleasure. As with everything Alphabet Bands related, we try to be a little different with our sessions and while we have managed to rope in some very talented people to help us film them, namely the fantastic Norwich based Sessions Productions, our ethos has remained the same from the beginning. Grab the artists, grab the instruments and let’s go find somewhere to film.

This ‘guerilla sessions’ approach has seen us pitch up at some pretty fantastic and unusual locations, including Hype Park during the Olympics (complete with helicopters buzzing overhead), a bustling cafe, a couple of staircases and even at a singers day job (while they were supposed to be working).

There will be many more to come and we will add them to this list as and when they are posted, but here they all are; the Alphabet Bands Sessions.

Box Of Light – “The Island” (September 2013)

Box Of Light – “Falling” (September 2013)

Raevennen Husbandes – “Stay” (April 2013)

Raevennen Husbandes – “Sirens” (April 2013)

Oliver Rudge – “I Will Be Your Sun” (April 2013)

Milly Hirst – “Book Or A Film” (March 2013)

Epilogues – “Numerator” (March 2013)

Lisa Redford – “I Believe In Father Christmas” (December 2012 – Christmas Special)

Lisa Redford – “You Will Know” (October 2012)

Heart Of A Dog – “Fall Guy” (October 2012)

Heart Of A Dog – “Berlin” (September 2012)

Mahoney & the Moment – “Never Enough” (September 2012)

Mahoney & the Moment – “Come Back For More” (September 2012)

Olympians – “The Dictionary” (June 2012)

Olympians – “From Your Head” (June 2012)

She Makes War – “Exit Strategy” (May 2012)

She Makes War – “Minefields” (May 2012)

With thanks to Sessions Productions for their expertise.

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