Listen: Joel Compass – “Back To Me”

21 Mar

Joel Compass

Let’s face it, attempts to sound all smoochy and sexy in pop-based R’n’B have not often been dressed up in subtlety, so let us all get down on our knees and raise up a hallelujah for 19 year old Brixton-ite, Joel Compass.

Despite having just this one track, “Back To Me”, up on his Soundcloud, people have quietly been getting quite excited about young Joel for a while now. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why. He has an angelic voice that caresses with its soulful fragility. There are glimpses here of Prince, just tiny hints, at his most romantically sexy.

Like chocolate you forgot you had, it’s soft and sweet and ever so slightly melty; warm and velvety on the tongue it’s an unexpected treat that feels a little naughty but oh so good. This is music to listen to by candlelight in the company of someone special. Like the XX, James Blake and others, it deals in emptiness as much as it does warmth and love. Frank Ocean is another likely reference point for this highly polished piece of subtle, yes subtle, R’n’B. Beats are used sparingly and the smoke like tones float calmly around, resting just above both them and this gentle, rich and soothing voice.

“Back To Me” is the first track from Joel Compass’s forthcoming EP which is due out in June on Black Butter Records.

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One Response to “Listen: Joel Compass – “Back To Me””

  1. name not supplied April 14, 2013 at 02:20 #

    it is very Princely isnt it

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