Meraki – “Vistas”

8 May


It’s always sad when one of our Alphabet Bands calls it a day, especially when it is one that caused as much excitement and spine-tingling as Polaroid 85. As the old saying goes though, every cloud has a silver lining and in this instance it is the creation of something new from the remnants of the old.

Featuring three of the seven strong collective, Meraki has been formed from the ashes of Polaroid 85 and continues the swirling beauty of its predecessor. Its first release, “Vistas”, builds on the genre bending, organically electronic sounds we loved so much and adds new elements. There are the late night, downtempo and subdued beats but here there is also an oriental element; a twisting mystical orchestration that builds into the track as it flows along.

“Vistas” is soulful and rich. It feels alive, like a plant feeling its way along as it grows, weaving through the undergrowth and out into nature. Its tendrils snaking and plaiting its way through trip-hop beats, melodies and soaring instrumentalism. It is a gorgeous evolution of what has come before and, sad as we are to lose an Alphabet Band, we are delighted at the emergence of the Meraki butterfly from the Polaroid 85 chrysalis.

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One Response to “Meraki – “Vistas””

  1. helpwithnlp August 21, 2015 at 21:29 #

    very late night club-esque / ibiza vibes
    very nice

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