2015 Review: Moment of the Year

1 Jan

Moment of the Year

Public Service Broadcasting play Brixton

It may sound odd, but our moment of 2015 was a gig we didn’t go to. Well, not physically anyway. Like thousands of others, we sat down to watch online as, at the end of November, Public Service Broadcasting played the 5,000 capacity Brixton Academy.

Livestreamed, the show was utterly magnificent and we can only imagine how incredible it must have felt for the sold out crowd inside. Classics were played as well as new favourites, the stage was grander than ever with vast TV screens and added satellite related elements. There were strings, a choir, an enlarged horn section and fake snow confetti for the “Everest” finale. The voice of PSB made appearance in person to do some introductions and, for the first time, Mr J. Willgoose, esq spoke to the crowd himself.

PSB Brixton

The reaction online, viewed via #psblive on twitter, was at least as positive as it appeared to be at the venue. Love came flooding in from across the globe (some people were even watching whilst on a flight) and we couldn’t help but feel so very proud. And it was that pride that really made this our moment of the year.

We were proud to see how far this quirky little band that we have loved and supported for so long have come. Proud of what they have achieved knowing how hard they have worked, how much effort has been put in, not least in playing what feels like about a thousand gigs a year.

On that Sunday night it felt like the whole world was waking up to what we’ve know for a long time, that Public Service Broadcasting truly are a wonderful and special band. Sharing that feeling with tens of thousands of others as we watched the show was undoubtedly our music moment of 2015.

Photo courtesy of teamrock.com

One Response to “2015 Review: Moment of the Year”

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 21:35 #

    i do love PSB 🙂

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