Moonheart – “Blow”

15 Sep


Earlier this year, January in fact, a few tracks popped up on my Soundcoud feed. All by the same artist and all sounding lovely. As I listened I realised I didn’t recognise the name of the band but the lady pictured and the vocal sounded familiar.

A little digging and some more aural prompting and I realised that the vocals were those of Kim Mayo, who I’ve featured a couple of times previously, though now she was going by the name of Moonheart. Then, as quickly as they had appeared, the new tracks disappeared. So I sent myself an email to remind me to contact Kim and ask her about Moonheart.

And then the email got buried in the inbox and I forgot about it.

And now, nine months later, the first of those Moonheart tracks I heard fleetingly in the New Year has appeared again, all official and as part of a forthcoming EP. There are also a few details about Moonheart itself as well, courtesy of a Line of Best Fit premiere. From this I learned that Kim has been joined by Michael Sachs and this is indeed their debut track (though their online presence suggests they have been around since at least the middle of last year).

So, with some confusion cleared up, “Blow” is the debut track from Moonheart and also the title track of their debut EP.

The most important thing to know, is that it is rather gorgeous.

A little reminiscent of Salt Cathedral, it is intricate, delicate and beautiful. The gentle electronics skip and float with the vocals as heartbreak leaks out. Kim’s voice is simultaneously playful and mournful, light in sound yet heavy of heart. It’s a wonderfully evocative and dextrous sound, disarmingly innocent yet laden with the weariness and wisdom of a broken soul. There are moments of solemnity, wispy, ethereal and beautiful; and there are moments of frivolity almost, as the chorus in particular almost laughs (gently, and with warmth).

It’s a lovely debut and well worth waiting the nine months or so to hear properly. Thankfully we don’t have to wait as long to hear more.

”Blow” is taken from the debut Moonheart EP from the same name, which is due for release on 1 October.

Stalk Moonheart: Website / Facebook / Twitter

3 Responses to “Moonheart – “Blow””

  1. Surpolfed September 19, 2016 at 17:09 #

    Listening to it right now. Really nice little tune if I am honest. Cant really say it reminds me of anything but still I like it.

    • Adam H September 20, 2016 at 15:44 #

      Glad you’re liking it 🙂

  2. Name not supplied October 31, 2016 at 22:44 #

    Oh my this is catchy isn’t it?!

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