Listen: Explorers – “Talking To Your Ghost”

16 Aug

Explorers Your Ghost

Chesterfield’s Explorers is a band we’ve been enjoying and meaning to write about since their Souvenirs EP came out last year. Purveyors of shamelessly big, 80’s infused electro-pop, the duo of Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister tend to look beyond the earth-bound world and instead reach out beyond into the great unknown of the universe. They streak out into space, exploring the cosmos in their synthwave rocket ship, no doubt enjoying a little weightless boogying as they go.

Their latest track, “Talking To Your Ghost”, continues the theme with its little disco-y groove and feeling of sonic powered warmth. For those of us at a certain age it will take you to that happy place when you wistfully remember the 80s, day-glo shoelaces, trippy kids TV shows that made little actual sense, and Memorex cassette tapes. It skips along like girls playing double dutch in the playground while the boys kick a tennis ball around them trying not to get caught amongst the ropes.

Their nostalgic, happy-go-lucky feel is a Choose Your Own Adventure along a memory lane bedecked with synthy neon accessories and vibrant, danceable pop music that’ll have you grinning and grooving the summer away.

”Talking To Your Ghost” is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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One Response to “Listen: Explorers – “Talking To Your Ghost””

  1. Name not supplied November 1, 2013 at 10:27 #

    You have some very cool metaphors when you write 😀

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