Listen: Shy For Shore – “Then The Heartbreak”

30 Oct

Shy The Shore

We’re gonna level with you, our ears pricked up in excitement when “Then The Heartbreak” started auto-playing on our Soundcloud feed the other night because we thought the keyboard intro sounded just like this fictional gem. The similarity between Shy The Shore and POP! soon ended and where Hugh Grant went for full-on cheese, the English-Norwegian duo of Oz Page & Mari Nordén take us in a much more elegant direction.

Taken from their spring EP release, Sometimes It’s A Heartbreak Not To Introduce Yourself, “Then The Heartbreak” is like a late night drive on a lonely highway. Distant tail lights are the only other signs of life on the road as the song drives on through the darkness, the vocals yearning and broken. Memories play out on the windshield like a movie of a failed relationship, scenes of happiness and the heartbreak set to a misty electronic soundtrack.

The pair, who came together in London but are now based in Amsterdam, are due to release a new EP, Teenage Pains, in the coming weeks and, even though it won’t feature a cover of “Pop Goes My Heart”, it’s one we will certainly be picking up.

”Then The Heartbreak” is out now and available to buy here.

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