Listen: Aria – “Eyes Wide Open”

23 Dec


As mystery and intrigue continues to be de rigueur for many new artists and PR campaigns, it becomes more difficult for us bloggers to offer information and insight into the background or provenance of new musicians. In these instances we often resort to cunning distraction tactics and sleight of hand to fill space and make it appear that we know a lot more than we do and that we have a lot to say.

Introductions such as the one you have just read are a good example of such tactics.

Based in London, Aria is a new artist who has actually had a crack at this before in one guise or another (the answers are there should you be inclined to look) but who is now repackaged and newly monikered for another go round, this time with added mystery. She’s been working with some quality producers, though we’re not supposed to say who they are (again, if you know where to look…) and the result is her debut track “Eyes Wide Open”.

The opening moments of the song glide gradually along, like the light of a sunrise reaching out to a grand building in the countryside. Aria’s vocal is soft and soulful, welcoming and considerate as you rub your eyes and start to awake. Then the sunshine hits, the house is bathed in a bright golden light and Aria’s voice rises up into a country-twang, echoes of Dolly and Tammy ring out around the stone kitchen. The guitar skips along subtly funky and smile inducing as the rhythm wakes you from your slumber. It’s catchy and uplifting pop music but with a southern embellishment.

It sounds great and for all our waffle about artists being all mysterious, when a song is this good, who cares how much we know about the singer, let’s just enjoy it.

Via Disco Naivete

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2 Responses to “Listen: Aria – “Eyes Wide Open””

  1. Stefan F. December 23, 2013 at 15:58 #

    For having almost no information, 4.5 columns is pretty good work, Adam. 🙂 Merry Christmas and thank your for your passionate and always entertaining writing.

    • Adam H December 23, 2013 at 16:09 #

      Smoke and Mirrors Stefan, smoke and mirrors 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words throughout the year. Have a good break and I look forward to reading more from you in 2014 as well, you have a great ear for new sounds.

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