Listen Out For – 2014 Previews Round Up

28 Nov

2014 Previews Round Up

It’s that time of year again where we, and other sites like ours, take out our crystal balls and look ahead into the coming 12 months. It’s that time where we take a look at our favourite new acts and have an educated guess as to which ones could go on to do great things in 2015.

We did the same thing last year and before we go on to make our predictions for this, we figured it was only right that we look back see how well (or not) our artists to listen out for in 2014 did. Of course, we didn’t say unequivocally that these bands were going to go on and rule the music world or anything, not even we could be that bold, but we think they were certainly talented to step up a level and do even better than they already were.

Some did just that, some (quite a few actually, it was a quiet year for many of our tips) – not so much.
Let’s take a little look back and next week, we’ll start to look forward again.

Honourable Mentions…

Curxes – Released a collection of b-sides and demos but the main focus is on 2015 and their debut album, which frankly we cannot wait to hear.

Strangers – A line-up change hasn’t stopped the Strangers crew who spent 2014 busily finishing off their debut album, which is due out next year, and covering Shakespeare’s Sister. Yes, really.

Jack Robert Hardman – Released the rather lovely The Great Unknown EP and continues to be one of the best songwriters you’ve never heard of.

Abi Wade – A year of live performances, sound collecting and composing has seen Abi spend some time in the studio in recent weeks. Hopefully in readiness for sharing some new music next year.

Leon Else – Released his sexy and surprising River Full of Liqour EP to critical acclaim, received a fair amount of radio support for it and got a lot of fans in a lather by posting semi-revealing pics on his twitter feed. Future pop superstar in the making we’re sure you’ll agree.

Laura Welsh – A quiet but productive year for Laura Welsh saw her working with another blog favourite, Ang Low, and preparing for a big 2015. New song “Ghosts” has just been shared online (via The Line of Best Fit) and her debut album, Soft Control is due for release on 19 January.

#15 – Mega Emotion

The Norwich trio released the limited edition Fake Feelings EP which sold out quick smart, and they had a lot of radio support from the likes of John Kennedy on XFM. A new single is planned for the new year.

#14 – Mononoke

As was a theme with the honourable mentions and you’ll see was a theme with many of our main picks, it was a quiet year for Mononoke. There were a couple of singles and a continuation of the mystery surrounding her identity (ahem) but that was about it.

#13 – Port Isla

Another Norwich act, the boys have really kicked on and picked up some momentum in the latter part of 2014 with their latest single, “In The Long Run” (from the EP of the same name) being featured by Zane Lowe on Radio 1. They’ve also recently been supporting Brit Critics Choice award nominee James Bay on tour. Not too shabby.

#12 – NONONO

A surprisingly quiet year for the Swedish pop combo when they looked poised to make 2015 theirs. Hopefully it was also a year of consolidation and preparation for a big 2015.

#11 – Fractures

There was just the one single for Fractures in 2014 but there were also a number of live shows, including a UK debut in London. Considering that much of 2013 was spent recovering from a broken neck, we think any activity from one of our favourite Aussie artists is to be welcomed and embraced.

#10 – Embers

We’re not sure what happened with Embers in 2014 really. After their show at The Great Escape in 2013 they told us that everything was set and planned for 2014 and then, nothing. We like to think that they just have a problem with numbers and meant that everything was set for a big 2015. Fingers crossed guys.

#9 –

MØ remains one of our all-time favourite live acts and she has been wowing audiences across this globe this year. Her debut album was released to a surprisingly lukewarm reception but her gigs remain molten hot.

#8 – Pale

Released the fantastic The Comeback EP which is still available to download for free. Everything that make remains wonderful.

#7 – Pawws

Pawws linked up with Best Fit music in 2014 to release the cracking Sugar EP and is, apparently, currently working on something with EMI. We look forward to finding out what that is and hope that 2015 might see the release of an album.

#6 – Gems

2014 was a quiet one for Gems, there were a lot of shows in the States and the continuing enhancement of their reputation. No new music though.

#5 – Iyes

A quiet but important year for Iyes, 2014 saw them re-master their early demo “Glow” in readiness for release and film a video for it (which you can watch below) do a few remixes and, most significantly, set-up their own imprint, Love By Mistake, as part of Sony. Expect more and exciting news in 2015.

#4 – Lyla Foy

The first of our tipped artists to release an actual real album in 2014 and it was remarkable. We’ll no doubt have more to say about it come year-end list time but Mirrors the Sky was every bit as magical and sublime as we’d hoped, and then some.

#3 – Avec Sans

A wonderful Kate Bush cover and superb single “All Of Time” aside, we didn’t hear too much from Avec Sans in 2014. However, they spent time touring Italy (they are there again right now actually) and time working on their debut album; an album that could very well be one of the best of 2015.

#2 – Empress Of

She played a few shows, did the odd DJ set here and there but essentially, and sadly, 2014 was a year of near silence from Empress Of. We look forward to and hope for a lot of noise from her in 2015.

#1 – Sivu

The only other of our 2014 predictions alumni to release a full album, Sivu showed everyone why he is so highly regarded and why it wasn’t just us who tipped him for big things. Something On High showcased everything that we had come to know and love about Sivu’s disarmingly charming, raw and magnificent songwriting.

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  1. Name unknown December 4, 2014 at 22:08 #

    Yeah you did some good predictions last year. I liked Sivu too

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