2015 Preview: Listen Out For #15 – Let’s Eat Grandma

1 Dec

Let's Eat Grandma

We start our previews for 2015 with an act that don’t so much come out of left field, as have to travel for miles and miles, from beyond the horizon, to even get to left field. Chances are that right now, you know next to nothing about Let’s Eat Grandma, yet chances are that by the end of 2015 an awful lot of people will be climbing aboard the hyperbole train in an effort to adequately praise and describe these remarkable young ladies.

Hailing from Norwich, Rosa and Jenny are two stupefyingly imaginative and creative 15 year old girls who play a multitude of instruments in a multitude of different ways at a multitude of different times within a single song. Not sure if that makes sense? That is just a small part of the joy of Let’s Eat Grandma.

Their songs are about anything and everything, they each play about 17 different instruments per song and swap, mid song. By which, we don’t mean Rosa will play her guitar then Jenny will play hers, we mean that Rosa will be playing guitar and Jenny will take over, literally. She will take the guitar and replace Rosa’s hands with her own in a seamless transfer while Rosa gets up to go and play the recorder, or the keyboard, or the drums, or anything else that is lying around near the stage that looks interesting.

Still confused? Watch the poor quality video of a recent live performance below and you’ll start to get a sense of what we mean.

The result is music that is chaotic and inventive in its sensibility yet, like its proponents, infectious and exhilarating.

Spend some time with the pair and you’ll be reminded what it was like to have an almost boundless enthusiasm, excitement and energy for everything around you. They talk as if each of their three squares a day consists of nothing more than sherbet dib dabs and jelly babies, and it is infectious. Like Midas and his crazy fingers, everyone they talk to comes away feeling refreshed and excited and the same thing happens with the music.

The trick for the pair is how well they can capture the anarchic spirit of their live set-up on an album. With any luck, next year we should have an answer.

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2 Responses to “2015 Preview: Listen Out For #15 – Let’s Eat Grandma”

  1. Name unknown December 4, 2014 at 22:11 #

    It’s a bit trippy….I think I might have to revisit these when my brain is prepared to be more thinky


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