Tigers Are Bad For Horses – “I.V. (Poisoned)”

20 Jan

Tigers Are Bad For Horses

Sometimes a band comes along offering more than just great music, they offer insights, knowledge, advice or similar. Which is what we have with the Washington D.C. based duo of Mellen Funke and Lyell Roeder who, as well as some seriously wonderful electro-pop have, through their band name, provided some good advice and wildlife knowledge; Tigers Are Bad For Horses. It’s pretty self-evident when you think about it, possibly not the most insightful titbit we’ll hear all year but worth knowing none-the-less.

Much more worth knowing however is their brand new tune, “I.V’ (Poisoned)”. Don’t worry, you won’t get ill listening to it, the only infectious thing here mind you is the hook, but your finger will probably come down with a bad case of repeat-button-pressing-itis.

There are flashes, cold stark flashes, of mid-90’s William Orbit in the production and warmer, soothing traces of London Grammar in the vocals and arrangement but “I.V…” is all Tigers Are Bad For Horses. The pair has come from varying musical backgrounds encompassing scoring films, folk and jazz, to make gorgeous and multi-layered electro-pop.

It begins with a cool emptiness, like an open snowy plain, empty save for the slight ripple of synths blown across the wasteland with digital snaps and pops for company. Then the chorus kicks in and rather than a snowstorm we get a bright and warm rainfall of fireflies, keys tumbling from the sky as Mellen’s vocals reach up to meet them. There is a wobble, a magnificent wobble as the temperatures collide, melting the tune down into a fleeting moment of piano ballad before the fireflies win out and the sounds cascade once more.

There is an EP on the way this year apparently so keep your ears and eyes open for more from this cracking new duo.

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One Response to “Tigers Are Bad For Horses – “I.V. (Poisoned)””

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:17 #

    It sounds like that type of really mature and grown up heart break. Where life’s still shit, naturally, but you have to crack on, no wallowing or self pitying…

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