Yumi Zouma – “Song For Zoe & Gwen”

17 Feb


Is there anything left to say about Yumi Zouma that we’ve not already said? The superlatives have long since run out and as far as woozy, daydreamy pop exquisiteness is concerned, they are pretty much untouchable right now. We’ve drooled, swooned, exhaled longingly and generally given ourselves over completely to everything they have done so far and the release of “Song For Zoe & Gwen” is no exception. If anything this latest heady concoction of wistful gorgeousness has only served to make our adoration stronger.

“Song For Zoe & Gwen” will feature on their forthcoming second EP, EP II and follows the release online of the mysterious and wonderful ”Catastrophe” last month. While we await the resolution of the cliffhanger from the “Catastrophe” video, the Yumi’s have momentarily taken us back in time with a song in part about Charlie Yumi’s 7th form prom date.

Usually we find ourselves bathed in the hazy warmth of summer when listening to Yumi Zouma but here their laidback gentleness is, as the subject matter suggests, taking us inside. Inside to high school corridors, unrequited love, the cool / uncool divide and the minefield that was the school disco and other formal occasions with members of the opposite sex and the awkwardness that ensued.

While social unease may be our primary take away from “Song For Zoe & Gwen”, it is delivered with such warmth and affection, such a considerate and comforting tone and melody that not even visions of teenage humiliation and angst can prevent us from hitting repeat and loving every second of this latest Yumi Zouma gem.

”Song For Zoe & Gwen” is taken from Yumi Zouma’s ‘EP II’ which is due out 10 March on Cascine. You can pre-order the 10″ vinyl here.

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  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:20 #

    Ah we like this 🙂

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