GGOOLLDD – “Boyz” (video)

16 Feb


Depending on who in the music industry you ask, you will get a variety of answers about the right way to grow as a band, to launch an artist, build your fanbase etc. While some may have tried and tested techniques, there isn’t really one surefire guarantee of quality and / or success. That said, we reckon most, if not all, the people you ask in music industry would say one guaranteed way not to be successful is to book yourself a headline show before you’ve even written a song. Yet that is exactly the approach Milwaukee based synth-poppers GGOOLLDD took and to hell with logic, the results are fabulous.

In playing said headline show (a 2013 Halloween party, it was supposed to be a one off) the GGOOLLDD gang found they had inadvertently pushed a snowball down the mountain and it was already getting bigger and gathering momentum. Show followed show and soon the band found themselves in need of additional members (they started without a drummer) as well as tunes. Thankfully both came quickly and last year they released the superbly uptempo $tandard$ EP. The snowball has kept rolling though and now a new single and video have been added to its increasing mass and drive.

New track “Boyz” is blissfully bright and playful. It’s big and bouncy with a hook that sounds like a rainbow; an explosion of colour and sound with synths, guitars and beats detonating together in a joyful blast of pop magnificence. Vibrant doesn’t really do it justice as the drums cascade, horns blare out euphorically and the vocals flat out smile. It’s glorious stuff and even though the temperature is gradually rising, that snowball shows no signs of stopping or melting.

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  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:18 #

    Yeah, this is quite cool

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