Lyla Foy – “Beginning It All Again”

2 Sep

Lyla Foy

It is only the second day of September yet the summer feels like something of a distant memory. Nighttime is drawing in ever earlier and those brief flashes of brightness and warmth have been washed away by an incessant drizzle. It may seem glum as we sit bathed in bleakness from outside, an entire rhythm section of raindrops playing their cacophonous composition against our window, yet inside we are smiling and content.

The reason for our happiness is that this is the perfect time of year to listen to Lyla Foy’s swirling, crystalline vocals and light dreamy melodies and wonderfully, she has just released a new track online. Even better, it is the first track to be taken from her new EP (out in October).

Following on from Mirrors The Sky (which was our album of the year last year) UMi will, we’re told, act as a counterpoint to the daylight of her debut album and reflect the nighttime. We can’t yet speak to the rest of the EP, but “Beginning It All Again” definitely has a moonlit mountain road quality to it.

The melody glides like shadowy silhouettes silently sweeping across the landscape while the vocals drift and gleam delicately as distant stars. A misty cloud of milky way beauty in the sky, it mesmerises and enchants the listener with its subtle but magnificent beauty.

Summer is over and the nights are creeping in, embrace it for Lyla Foy is here to make it all sound gorgeous.

”Beginning It All Again” is the first track from Lyla’s forthcoming EP, ‘UMi’ which is due out on 2 October. The EP can be pre-ordered here and comes with an instant download of “Beginning It All Again”. Alternatively, you can pre-order the limited edition vinyl edition from Rough Trade. Or do both.

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One Response to “Lyla Foy – “Beginning It All Again””

  1. name not supplied January 3, 2016 at 20:58 #

    beautiful song

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