2015 Review: Gig of the Year

5 Jan

Gig of the Year

All We Are – Other Voices stage, Latitude festival, Friday 17 July.

We knew when we ventured to the Other Voices stage to check out All We Are live for the first time that we were going to have a great time. After all, their debut album was already well on the way to becoming one of our favourites of the year. Even so, we were totally blown away by the performance and left feeling elated by what we’d just been part of.

All We Are Latitude

Recreating their Dingle home, the Other Voices team were to be found in a beautifully bedecked barn, hidden amongst the trees alongside the river that runs through Henham Park and away from any of the other stages. Here, amongst the hearts, glitter-balls and glowing luminescence of the venue, All We Are set about tearing the place down.

Their music has a laidback grooveability to it; a languid swirl of movement and funk that is infectious yet somewhat relaxed. Here though that groove, that funk that imbues all they do vibrated with something else, an unexpected and indomitable energy. Resistance was futile, but there was no one in the room up for resisting.

Everywhere you looked the crowd was dancing as this irresistible groove took hold. Sodden with sweat, All We Are conducted us to move, to sing and to enjoy. Nothing was left on stage as the trio treated us to a show none of us would forget. Such was the passion and desire in the room that, even though they were clearly exhausted, they still managed to give us an unplanned and fantastic encore.

If you ever get the chance to see All We Are play live, take it, trust us.

Photo courtesy of thethinair.net

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  1. Name not supplied January 31, 2016 at 20:22 #

    Sounds wicked 🙂

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