BoYo – “wattsit”

7 Jan


We love the way music makes you feel, the way it affects your mood and stirs emotions. The way different songs and styles provoke different reactions. It’s one of the reasons we love electronica so much, as it can be manipulated in so many varied and nuanced ways, and one of the reasons we were drawn to the sounds of 19 year old producer BoYo.

His latest track, “wattsit”, feels instantly familiar and warm to us. Prompting long forgotten memories to flood forward with its wonderful Lemon Jelly-esque vibe. The soft electronics and melody blends with the dextrous layers of sound and the rapid, organic rat-a-tat of the beat is interwoven with audio from philosopher, Alan Watts. The juxtaposition of Watts voice with an eastern-esque swirl is inspired (as Watts was famous for spreading eastern philosophy making it popular in the west) and a strong indication of the intelligence and skill at work in BoYo’s production.

We’re not sure what is more remarkable, that he is able to do this at such an early stage in his musical life, or that he cites his influences and taste as being classic rock and roll based. Rather than listening to techy beats, he told us that it is The Beatles, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, the Stones and others that he most into.

He’s only been making music for about 10 months yet his soundcloud already features a handful of brilliantly crafted and diverse electronic compositions. We asked him about his work and were delighted to hear that he thinks very much like we do. ”Music for me is something that should make you feel different to how you did before you listened to it,” he explained. ”A great track is one that opens your mind to something you didn’t feel or see before… and leaves it open even after finishing.”

With its mellow electronica and east meets west aural feel to it, “wattsit” does just that, acting as a form of musical meditation to relax and open your mind to.

2016 may only be a few days old but mark your cards, in BoYo we think we may have found someone very special already.

One Response to “BoYo – “wattsit””

  1. Name not supplied January 31, 2016 at 20:27 #

    A lovely track

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