Horse Party – “Gratitude Falling”

11 Jan

Horse Party

This time last year Suffolk based Horse Party kicked the hangover out of the New Year with the storming “Out of Sight”. Since then they’ve released two EPs and now returned once again to shake off the dust of the old and wake up 2016 with a new track.

With a guitar line that creeps into view like silhouetted figure against a desolate, desert like horizon, “Gratitude Falling” has a kind of shoegazey, bluesy feeling to it (blusegazey?). There’s a tinge of the old west as the guitar line rides into town and the trott of the drums join in to escalate the track into a paradoxical mild frenzy.

With a gun at its hip and tobacco masticating in its mouth, “Gratitude Falling” meanders confidently down the main street of this one horse town. Occasionally there will be a bar fight as rhythm and melody, buzzing on moonshine and needing to blow off steam, bump into one another and bottles are smashed. Yet it never gets out of hand, never loses control and never sounds less than excellent.

”Gratitude Falling” is out now and available to buy from the Horse Party Bandcamp page.

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One Response to “Horse Party – “Gratitude Falling””

  1. Name not supplied January 31, 2016 at 20:34 #

    Yeah there’s a dusty, Quentin Tarantino Esque shoot out feel to the track

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