Leaone – “Goldtooth” (video)

14 Oct


The link between adversity and creativity is one that has existed within humanity throughout the ages. Great works of art, literature and music all born out of grief, depression, anxiety, heartbreak and hardship. It’s not a route to greatness that we would advocate but the link is undeniable and one that Norwich/London based newcomer Leaone has mined for his debut tracks.

Having overcome the kind of triple-whammy hardship that would break many a lesser man (he lost his girlfriend and job in quick succession and was then mugged) he retreated into his writing and penned his debut EP. Given his experiences of late, you’d forgive him a rage-fuelled cacophony of fury and self-pity. There’s no thrashing anger or frustration here though, each composition is poignant and elegant in its arrangement. His vocals are emotive and heartfelt and the music, so personal and meaningful, is steeped in a wistful melancholia with Leaone performing each element himself.

It is something that comes across beautifully in his self-made video, which we are delighted to be premiering below, for his latest track, “Goldtooth”. Using vintage footage, the visuals act as a nostalgic and sorrowful accompaniment to the song. The occasional tint of gold flickering like the light of happiness that is lost to memory, swallowed by the black and white past; prompting only tears and a rueful smile. Like his music, the video is an exercise in low-key sophistication.

This cultured, understated approach is not only showcasing his ability as a deft and nuanced songwriter, people are sitting up and taking notice. Having heard his music, Stereophonics’ producer Jim Lowe offered to mix Leaone’s EP and there is already talk of label interest. The past has been bleak but the future is looking much brighter for this talented young artist.

”Goldtooth” is taken from Leaone’s forthcoming self-titled debut EP.

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One Response to “Leaone – “Goldtooth” (video)”

  1. Name not supplied October 31, 2016 at 22:49 #

    Super video, beautifully shot isn’t it

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