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‘P’ is for Polaroid 85

23 Feb

Have you ever had that experience where you hear a new band, and you just have to hear more? You seek out and devour all they have to offer and still you are not sated? Still you yearn, you crave, and you desire more, more, more. You understand what we mean don’t you? We mean music that just excites you to the extent that it practically lives on your stereo.

Yeah, that’s how we felt when we first heard Polaroid 85. The hairs on the back of our neck started to tingle and there was a quickening of our pulse. This seven-piece from London, who excel at their blend of orchestral electronic, a sort of high-end chill out sound if you will, are really something special. Strings, wind, brass, beats, samples and synths all play a prominent part in an incredible aural experience.

Formally known simply as Neeta, after singer-songwriter-producer Neeta Sarl, the collective (the nomenclature is their own btw) fuses a myriad of disparate sounds, styles and feelings into a single form of sonic magnificence. The blend of the orchestral and digital can leave your head spinning, like you’re slightly dizzy from standing up too fast. The smooth as silk vocals are complemented perfectly with the softness of the woodwind sound, which in turn is juxtaposed with down-tempo, break beats. At times it’s like listening to drum and bass played at half speed whilst Classic FM is on another stereo nearby. That may sounds ridiculous, but it is actually divine.

There is so much going on it is almost absurd, yet never does it feel like there is too much to cope with. The number of ingredients used may be somewhat intimidating, but they each set off one another superbly.

Alas, it did not take us long to devour all that Polaroid 85 currently has to offer, as there is only a three track EP, the Fuzzy Mornings EP available right now, but the band has promised a couple of new tracks in the near future. Rest assured, we will keep you posted as and when we get more details.

In the meantime you can download the Fuzzy Mornings EP for free via Bandcamp

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