Craig David – “Cold”

3 Jul


Perhaps ironically given that we have been in something of a blog coma recently (damn you World Cup for demanding all our attention) we have been suffering from a bit of insomnia. There have been many random thoughts making their way across the subspace highway of our mind as we lay awake late at night and perhaps the most unbelievable of all was the question that appeared one night, where is Craig David?

Not heard from since 2010 we wondered if he had walked away from music. Certainly he seemed to have fallen in love with the gym and we questioned if this was part of a hidden agenda to become a world champion bodybuilder. After going through such a great rise and fall we doubted he would ever return to music and figured any suggestion of new tunes was just one more lie. He’d had his metaphorical seven days of fame and that was it.

Not so, as Popjustice filled us in earlier today, Craig David is back with the promise of a new album and a brand new tune which, despite being called “Cold” is pretty hot stuff. Trust us.

As you’d expect from the Southampton boy who was born to do it, the electronic infused R&B is slicker than the average and we are certainly glad for this unexpected rendezvous with him. It’s proper bo.

GEMS – “Scars”

12 Jun

Gems Scars

We’re not sure about where you are, but right now here in Norwich it is a glorious day full of bright sunshine and beautiful blue skies. It’s the kind of day that makes you wish you were sat out on the grass, or walking along the beach, sunglasses and a ‘nothing can bother me today’ smile on your face. The kind of day that needs a soft and swoonsome soundtrack. The kind of day that needs a new song from GEMS.

Thankfully it is the kind of day that has just that as the Brooklyn pair today released the brand new and beautiful “Scars” to the world. Their first new tune since last year’s Medusa EP (one of our favourites of 2013), it is a typically sublime piece of gossamer soft melodies and Lindsay’s heavenly vocals. It ebbs like the tide and caresses like a gentle sea breeze, brushing your cheek with like a lovers hand. Gorgeous stuff from a gorgeous band on a gorgeous day. Just what the Doctor ordered.

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Elsie – “Gone By Sunrise”

8 May

Elsie Gone By Sunrise

A couple of months ago we all got rather hot under the collar with Elsie’s “Wild One” and to be honest, we are only now recovering our composure. In fact, just thinking about its glistening, steamy sexuality is making us a little red of cheek and warm of brow. We should move on.

Handily Elsie has just posted a new track online to help us do just that. Thankfully, for the sake of our poise and respectable image, “Gone By Sunrise” is not as salacious or licentious as its predecessor. It’s still quite sexy though to be fair, not that we are complaining…


We don’t think there’s a story in Ian Fleming’s collated Bond tales called “Gone By Sunrise” but it was the danger, intrigue, martini’s and (no doubt) the opening titles of OO7’s world that inspired Elsie and the sound certainly fits. It’s rather slinky, with sonic undulations and soft cavorting silhouetted shapes aplenty. It’s sultry and sensual with a deep melodic R&B flavour that is pleasantly reminiscent of Aaliyah as in fact, is Elsie’s vocals in places.

Deep, rich and emotive, it more than anything is the star of the show as it reaches out like a spell, drawing you into its welcoming embrace. The power of her obsession, her compulsion and yearning for the touch of her lover is devilishly seductive. Like an addict she can’t get enough, ”Once is not enough / Twice is just a tease” she beckons. That’s not all though, “If you are my last breath / Then I’m ready to die” she continues, no doubt in a mess of sated passion, pleasure and satisfaction.

Gosh, it is another stupidly sexy tune when we think about it. We’re off for a cold shower, enjoy the song…

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Frett – “Milk”

4 May

Frett Milk

Ahh Sunday mornings. The traditional and perfect time to unwind the world and give into relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and soul. A lie in, a cup of tea in bed, no hustle, no bustle, just quiet and soothing. Sadly with two alphabet bands nippers running riot each and every morning Sunday calm is something of a long forgotten eventuality, a pipe dream. That doesn’t mean there can’t ever be moments of peace and when there are, we’d quite like them to be soundtracked by Frett.

We first featured the Suffolk duo of Simon Lucas-Hughes and Elliott Buckle a few weeks back when we posted the kind of odd but great video for the wistful electronic atmospherics of ”Porcelain”. Now they are back with some more wistful electronic atmospherics but (so far) no odd video in the shape of “Milk”.

More understated than “Porcelain”, “Milk” treads carefully, making deliberate and considered footprints as it makes its way through the muddy countryside. As it begins, a distant digital bell chimes out in the distance before the beat begins its walk, a squall of guitars, synths and drums crashes in momentarily before fading. The dark brooding of a summer thunderstorm edging closer but never quite hitting as the journey continues.

Despite that, “Milk” remains calm, soothing and gentle. Perfect for a moment of quiet on a grey Sunday morning.

”Milk” features on Frett’s forthcoming ’EP3’ which is due for release on 12 May and can be pre-ordered here.

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Explorers – “Radar”

3 May

Explorers Radar

When we last featured Chesterfield’s Explorers last October they did warn us it would be a little while before we heard from them again. The usually prolific nostalgic pop-culture loving duo of Jeremy Dennis and Robert Bannister were planning on taking time out to work on a debut album. Seven months later and they haven’t tipped us the wink on its progress or potential arrival, but they have shared new track “Radar” and it is, as you’d expect, a fantastically energetic piece of retro-electro.

In a way, Explorers are like Strangers‘ long lost brothers, the DNA is the same but their environment and upbringing was very different. Where Strangers seek a shadowy path of the day to day, love, lust and relationships, Explorers reach into the past and go on grand adventures of imagination, reminiscence and yes, relationships.

“Radar” is like a fighter jet streaking across the vast American desserts, in and out of the Grand canyon, swooping and barrel rolling as the synths swoosh and quickfire bursts of a digitised beat blast out. The vocals are wisps of cloud cover, the electronic embellishments the call of a radar, desperately trying to track this magnificent beast. It’s upbeat, uplifting energy and high octane effervescence though makes it an impossibility and the track is left to soar and play.

”Radar” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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