Elsie – “Take Your Time In Love”

22 Aug


In recent months we have had our senses tingled by the sultry tones and smouldering melodies of London based Scouser, Elsie. Her tunes have given us cause to have more than one metaphorical shower as she sexed up the airwaves with subtle musical smoochiness and overt raunchiness.

Her new single, “Take Your Time In Love” may have retained a certain boudoir charm, all low beats, low lights and sultry undulations within the arrangement, it is less ‘come to bed eyes’, more ‘furrowed brow of warning’. While the music may evoke silken sheets crumpling beneath entwined limbs and sheer curtains billowing in the breeze, lyrically this is a cautionary tale about rushing in (only fools do as we all know) and letting things get out of hand.

She sings as someone who has been burnt in love before and who doesn’t want others to make the same mistakes she has, but damn we’ve never heard a public warning sound so smokey and hot before. We’re not quite sure how she does it, but Elise even manages to make advising against having sex sound sexy. That’s one hell of a talent.

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She Drew The Gun – “Time Machine”

22 Aug

She Drew The Gun

Sitting, as we do, at the very cutting edge of new music, it is our pleasure to bring to you a song that is well over a year old from an EP that was released eight months ago. Mind you, this blog is all about new music that we love and given the track has had little over 500 plays on soundcloud we figure that as well as being new to us, it is probably new to you as well. Besides, the song is bloody lovely so how old it is doesn’t matter.

She Drew The Gun is the brainchild of Liverpool based Louisa Roach and the track we can’t get enough of is the sublime “Time Machine”. Elegantly simple, her vocals melt dreamily over a refined guitar arrangement, occasional icy shimmers twinkle in the background but this is all about her voice.

There are sweet lullaby feelings to her folky sounds; sincere and emotionally open, she sings like a storyteller tells tales. The lyrics draw you in, singing of changing the past, regret, love and loss, it’s the sort of song that would enrapture an audience and render them silent as they listen. It is charming and moving, like Milly Hirst performing with Box of Light, and we don’t care how old it is, it’s beautiful and well worth falling in love with.

”Time Machine” is taken from the ‘SDTG’ EP which is out now and available to buy here.

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Avec Sans – “All Of Time” (free download)

21 Aug

Avec Sans

Recently we heard our taste on the blog described as ‘mostly attractive women with floaty vocals’, which we can completely get behind. That’s not to say we don’t like other styles of music, of course we do, and we post them often. Now is not one of those times though as one of our favourite duos, Avec Sans, has returned with another gorgeous tune of pop loveliness; a tune which just happens to feature an attractive woman with floaty vocals. Hey, we likes what we likes.

Offered as a free download (via their Facebook page – link below) “All Of Time” is a welcome return for one of acts to listen out for this year and as divine as anything they have done to date. Alice’s vocals are both breathy and crystal smooth, floating over skittish and infectious rhythms and synth lines that skip along the line marked chart-friendly and super-chic. It swirls and dances, jumps and spins, euphoric in sound and sensibility yet is twinged with melancholy, which are pretty much the ideal ingredients for the perfect pop song.

The video is below, we love it but then, you knew we would…

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Premiere: Waylayers – “Medicine” (Sofar Session)

21 Aug

Waylayers Sofar

The long foretold and expected rise and rise of Waylayers is well and truly underway at the moment and with every new release the London lads seem to go from strength to strength. They’ve already found success in the US with their most recent EP as well as with “Medicine”, which topped the iTunes electro chart. Earlier this year they played SXSW and were amongst the most favourably received and vaunted acts to perform, and, as if that wasn’t enough they are set to release their new single, “Take Hold” on the supercool and wonderful Alocopop Records in September.

All this and last year they headlined the Alphabet Bands stage at Norwich Sound and Vision (no doubt the highlight of their ever more impressive career so far – ahem).

Whilst in America the guys did what all the cool kids want to do, and spent some time with the guys and gals at Sofar Sounds and recorded a session with them for a very appreciative audience. As long time supporters of the band we are delighted to be premiering their stripped back rendition of the aforementioned electro #1, “Medicine”, which you can check out below. Once you’ve done that, we recommend you head on over to the Sofar Sounds YouTube channel and check out more of their fantastic session.

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TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing” (video)

13 Aug

TV Girl

We’re going to share something with you today, something personal and real that some of you may find horrifying and some of you may find hilarious. Those of you who know us here at Alphabet Bands through the site will know much about our musical tastes, that we live in Norwich yet support Southampton FC and that we like to visualise and describe music. You will know that we like puns, making jokes; often use hyperbole like it is our first language and can get drawn into the realm of pretention. You will also know that we are partial to the occasional sexy tune from time to time.

Those of you who know us from our writing will know all this and more, but you probably don’t know that we hate, and indeed are a little afraid of, birds. Specifically pigeons but pretty much any flappy unpredictable creature (insert Boris Johnson joke here) puts us on edge. We don’t like them, we don’t trust them and we’d rather not have anything to do with them thank you all the same.

Now, you may scoff at this but just watch the latest video from TV Girl and you might find yourself thinking differently. Taken from their debut album, French Exit, the promo for “Birds Don’t Sing” features an evil, malevolent parrot who has devilishly dark powers of manipulation and mind control. So evil and malicious is this creature that he could well have been the emperor’s parrot in Return of the Jedi (always off-screen naturally – Polly wanna crush the rebellion?).

”Very few music videos have the ability to spook you to your very core. This is one of those videos”, TV Girl announced on their twitter last night. They are right. Lock your doors and windows, draw the blinds and for God’s sake, if you see a parrot, don’t look at it just turn and run, and pray it doesn’t come after you.

Oh, the song is great by the way, but then you’d expect that because if you know us from reading the site, you will know we love TV Girl. Take a watch (you might want to hold someone’s hand while you do) and then go buy the album, it’s fantastic.

”Birds Don’t Sing” is taken from the excellent debut TV Girl album, ‘French Exit’, which you should buy here now.

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