Lincoln – “Fading Light”

29 Jul


Until the other day, Lincoln was not a name we were familiar with. Well, obviously we were familiar with it, what with it being the name of a very famous former President, cars, and movies about famous former presidents and of course, living in the east of England, there is good old Lincoln City one of the few cities in the country that makes Norwich feel like a sprawling metropolis. No, we mean that until the other day, we were not familiar with the name Lincoln in a musical context. We are now though and it is entirely possible that soon a lot more people will be too.

Hailing from Sydney in Australia (an actual sprawling metropolis), Lincoln lives a paradoxical double life. Emergency nurse, saving lives, by day, dark brooding songstress, embracing death and loss, by night. Though in all honesty that’s a good thing, not only because it means she isn’t getting distracted by the macabre whilst having a rummage in your internal organs, but because the resultant music is pretty darn beautiful.

Her latest release, “Fading Light” is a prime example. A simple, mournful piano line is a bed for Lincoln’s soft, heartfelt vocals. They lie, waiting for the darkness to envelop them and soon their patience is rewarded, the rhythm bursts forth and a shadowy foreboding looms above. Dramatic and menacing, her vocals call out with a convulsive arch of the back, eager to entwine and become one with this sinister melodic lover.

”Fading Light” is taken from Lincoln’s ‘Visions of a Fading Light’ EP which is out now on iTunes.

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Smallpools – “Killer Whales”

28 Jul


It was yet another scorching weekend here in the glorious East of England and summer is well and truly under way, which means it must be time for a new tune from Smallpools. We first encountered the foursome from LA last May when they released the scorching summer anthem, “Dreaming”. With temperatures showing no signs of dropping, the guys are back with another stellar blast of sunshine in “Killer Whales”.

It sounds like a bunch of LA teens driving around in an open top jeep, causing good natured havoc and having fun. It’s a gloriously big and infectious pop song, perfect for drumming along to on the steering wheel as you cruise around, happy with life, the sun’s rays giving you more get up and go than Superman with a tan.

”Killer Whales” is available as a free download from this link.

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What’s In The Box? – The ‘Playing Catch Up’ Edition

26 Jul

What's In The Box

Goodness, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Aside from a rather tongue in cheek post about the new Craig David song (did you spot all 12 song and album title references?) we’ve been silent for a couple of months now, which isn’t like us at all. We won’t bore you with details but after a combination of domestic upheaval, a truly remarkable World Cup and a very enjoyable and hot couple of days (and very wet nights) at Latitude, we are back, awake and ready to rock.

As we’re no doubt sure you noticed, there was a lot (and we mean a LOT) of cracking new music released over the last few months and while we are all about looking forward, we wanted to take a few moments to show some love to some of the tracks that came out during our unscheduled sabbatical. So, as a kind of gentle reintroduction (for us and you) to writing, we present for your delectation a special What’s In The Box rammed with quality tunes, possibly some puns and hopefully some reasonable scribblings.

Waylayers – “Take Hold”

We’ve been championing the talents of London-based Waylayers for some time and, after tipping them for big things in 2013, we think we are about to be proved correct. Having Ninja’d their way into the hearts and minds of the American public last year it’s time for a multi-national ground assault, beginning with “Take Hold”. Out on the wonderful Alcopop! Records on 15 September, “Take Holds” sees the trio move away from vast, anthemic synths and offers instead a much tighter, claustrophobic and funky sensibility. There’s a foalsian feeling to it as the bassline grooves along, the guitar tickles and Harry’s vocals pull you in close. It’s a dark, mellow and groovy tune that should have people on their forthcoming American and UK dates bobbing along in rhythmic delight.

HAze – “Reckless Heart”

We know little about Haze other than the fact that she is a girl in Reading and that she has a syrupy sweet voice that shines and gleams like sunlight breaking through rain cloud. Taken from her Picture Frame EP (which is out now), “Reckless Heart” is blessed with gorgeously light melodies and warmth that we could happily get lost in for hours and hours.

Elsie – “Mad Chemistry”

We’ve featured London based, Liverpool born Elsie a few times now and on the last two occasions she’s got us rather hot under the collar. With her latest offering, “Mad Chemistry”, things have escalated. Previously it was the undulating and slinky harmonies and the sensual and sultry melodies that provided the steam, now she’s gone all in and added lyrics to match. It’s about sex and frankly, we have absolutely no problem with that at all. She has a gorgeous voice, makes gorgeous music and now, well we didn’t think temperatures could get much higher but yeah, yeah they have.

Bea – “Safe Ground”

When we first wrote about the mysterious Bea we were accused of being laughable and pretentious, which is pretty much every bloggers dream analysis. Since then Bea has released another tune online and while we still know nothing about her, “Safe Ground” is another piece of quality, muted pop music with a gorgeously relaxed vibe to it. Like fluffy unicorns frolicking gently in a secret lagoon…

Laura Welsh – “Break The Fall”

At the turn of the year we named Laura Welsh as one of our artists to listen out for in 2014. Given that she had already supported the likes of London Grammar, a major behind her and a number of cracking R&B infused pop songs under her belt at the time, it was probably a safe-ish bet. You do have to keep banging out great tunes to have any chance at success though and thankfully, Laura is doing just that. “Break The Fall” is three minutes of dark and dramatic electro-pop music, all stompy rhythms and big vocals that we just love.

“Break The Fall” is out on 11 August via Outsiders/Polydor.

Saint Agnes – “Old Bone Rattle”

Yee-hah! Saddle up boy and get ready to ride, the saint Agnes due of Jon and Kitty are back and this time they have the full force of the Energy Snake behind them. “Old Bone Rattle” is a gloriously rawkus, foot stomping, gun toting, western of a blues rock track. It’s a magnificent bastard, as stunning as miles of desert and just and dangerous. This is the kind of tune villains take over towns to, that acid trips are taken to and that we just want top rock out with.

“Old Bone Rattle” is out now via Energy Snake Records.

bAnoffee – “Got It”
We’re sure there have already been about a gagillion puns around Martha Brown’s musical alias so we’re not even going to bother… for once. Instead we shall focus on the rapid fire scattergun of the digital beats, the sweet and soft melty vocals and captivating childlike electronic tootling. Taken from her forthcoming EP (out 22 August) “Got It” is a dreamily cool antidote for the baking heat that the UK is enjoying right now.

Verre – “blu”

Almost a year ago we featured a ridiculously sexy and sultry track from California five-piece, De Verre. With a totally nsfw video to accompany it, “Mad” had our pulses racing, heart beating and blood flowing places… Several cold showers later and they have dropped the De to become simply Verre are back with new song “blu” ahead of a six-track EP due later in the year. Singer Alice’s vocals are as soft and sensual as before but “blu” is much more pop-rock than pop-rotica and it quickly shows. The chorus is full of sass and attitude but the track is also laced with self-doubt and insecurity. It’s also very good and perfect for a good old fashioned hairbrush sing-along. Go on, you know you want to.

See, we told you it had been a good few months for music and there were many many more too, some of which we will be featuring in more depth over the coming days. Normal service will resume Monday; it’s good to be back.

Craig David – “Cold”

3 Jul


Perhaps ironically given that we have been in something of a blog coma recently (damn you World Cup for demanding all our attention) we have been suffering from a bit of insomnia. There have been many random thoughts making their way across the subspace highway of our mind as we lay awake late at night and perhaps the most unbelievable of all was the question that appeared one night, where is Craig David?

Not heard from since 2010 we wondered if he had walked away from music. Certainly he seemed to have fallen in love with the gym and we questioned if this was part of a hidden agenda to become a world champion bodybuilder. After going through such a great rise and fall we doubted he would ever return to music and figured any suggestion of new tunes was just one more lie. He’d had his metaphorical seven days of fame and that was it.

Not so, as Popjustice filled us in earlier today, Craig David is back with the promise of a new album and a brand new tune which, despite being called “Cold” is pretty hot stuff. Trust us.

As you’d expect from the Southampton boy who was born to do it, the electronic infused R&B is slicker than the average and we are certainly glad for this unexpected rendezvous with him. It’s proper bo.

GEMS – “Scars”

12 Jun

Gems Scars

We’re not sure about where you are, but right now here in Norwich it is a glorious day full of bright sunshine and beautiful blue skies. It’s the kind of day that makes you wish you were sat out on the grass, or walking along the beach, sunglasses and a ‘nothing can bother me today’ smile on your face. The kind of day that needs a soft and swoonsome soundtrack. The kind of day that needs a new song from GEMS.

Thankfully it is the kind of day that has just that as the Brooklyn pair today released the brand new and beautiful “Scars” to the world. Their first new tune since last year’s Medusa EP (one of our favourites of 2013), it is a typically sublime piece of gossamer soft melodies and Lindsay’s heavenly vocals. It ebbs like the tide and caresses like a gentle sea breeze, brushing your cheek with like a lovers hand. Gorgeous stuff from a gorgeous band on a gorgeous day. Just what the Doctor ordered.

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