The Penelopes – “Time To Shine” (free download)

25 Apr

The Penelopes Time To Shine

Ever have the feeling that your life has been building up to something? Have you ever had the sense that everything that has happened to you has been to bring you to this one particular point? The universe has been guiding you and that now you are here; it is your time, your future and your moment. From the sounds of their new single, The Penelopes certainly have.

Their love of pop and a burning desire to make people dance has seen them journey from their humble beginnings just outside Paris, travel around the world putting on storming live shows and release a vibrant and infectious debut album. With that and a stonkingly popular remix of The Cure having created momentum, the universe has delivered Axel Basquiat and Vincent T. exactly where they need to be. Now it is their “Time To Shine”.

Capturing the effervescent and energetic spirit of their live shows, this new single perfectly captures that feeling of being ready to step up, the confidence and swagger of knowing this is it. Everything starts now. “Time To Shine” is five minutes of uplifting and powerful electro-pop. Like a rallying cry before battle it is rousing, it inspires belief that anything is possible. The synths and guitars drive forward, pulsating and pushing you on to greatness with the passion filled Bonnie Tyler-eqsue backing vocals just adding to the feeling that your dreams are within your grasp.

It is a fantastic morale-boosting tune. Balls to looking in the mirror and calling yourself a tiger before an interview, stick on “Time To Shine” and as your confidence rises you’ll be ready to take on all comers. The world is your lobster, go get it!

”Time To Shine” is available as a free download from the Soundcloud player below.

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Vuvuvultures – “Song Bot” (video)

24 Apr

vuvuvultures Arty Party

Those fantastic guys and gals of Vuvuvultures had a party recently and while it wasn’t arty, it was somewhat debauched. At least it was by our rather sedate standards, there wasn’t a single scrabble board to be seen for goodness sake! How do we know? Because they filmed it, have edited it into a gloriously strobey hotch potch of visual stimulation and put the second track of their latest AA release “Song Bot” beneath it.

We’ll not say too much about this as it is best left to your own eyes to experience, we just thought it would be nice to have a little bonus post for you this evening to share the leather clad, underwear flashing, handcuffed etc etc fun.

Take a look, take a listen and if you ask nicely, Vuvuvultures might invite you to their next party.

It goes without saying that this is not safe for work or people with epilepsy.

”Arty Party/Song Bot” is out now on limited edition 7” vinyl and available to buy from Energy Snake Records.

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Mononoke – “Barefoot and Broken“

24 Apr


One song was all it took for us to fall for the very obvious musical charms of the otherwise very mysterious Mononoke. “Alice” was a sublime creation and one that had more than just us scrambling to include the Warner Chappell signee in lists of artists to listen out for in 2014 and when follow-up “Bones and Glory” hit the net, you could hear the collective sigh of relief from bloggers the world over that it was, delightfully, just as good. This week Mononoke went for the hat-trick with “Barefoot and Broken” and what do you know, she’s caressed it perfectly into the top corner for a beauty.

Like its predecessors, “Barefoot and Broken” is startling in its gorgeousness and immediately you are captivated. Listening for the very first time is like witnessing the reveal of a newly discovered Van Gough or Monet. The veil is pulled back, your breath catches as before you stands a masterpiece. A wonderful example of the mellow-cholic sound she has cultivated, her vocals drift like the last kiss blown from a loved one as they turn to leave and your heart stops in realisation. You won’t see them again.

The simple piano notes fall like muted tears, trailing gently down your face as the anguish and pain builds in mist of soft electronics and synths. ”I did everything you asked me” she calls out, the emotion rising with the distress while the melody shushes and caresses like a concerned parent.

It is, as has fast become the norm for this young lady, heavenly and as long as she can make heartbreak sound this beautiful, we won’t mind the pain.

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Silences – “Emma”

24 Apr


After the post-dance house vibes of Delphic and the frenetic, colourful energy of Branko, Yadi and Bert On Beats yesterday, we thought we’d calm things down a little on the site today. What better way to do that, we thought, than with the sublime indie-folk sounds of Silences and the gorgeously understated “Emma”.

Often beauty is found in simplicity and that is certainly the case here. Led by singer/songwriter Conchúr White, this five-piece from Co. Armagh has crafted something that is remarkably sincere and elegant. The arrangement of guitar strings and piano keys, blessed with Conchúr’s soft, smokey vocals is just heavenly. It’s soothing, a balm for the chaos and frenzy of the day to day. You can feel your heart rate dropping as you listen, stress and worry washes away as you are taken by the hand to a solitary cabin in the midst of the Irish countryside. Not a soul to be found for miles around and you just sit and watch as dusk draws in and the world comes to a standstill.

There are no unnecessary flourishes; there are no embellishments or digital wizardry on show here. It is just uncomplicated, honest songwriting and gorgeous sounds performed by quality musicians. Simple it may be, but it’s beautiful and refreshing as well.

”Emma” is taken from the ‘Nevernames’ EP which is out now and available from the Silences Bandcamp page or iTunes.

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Branko – “Control” (feat. Yadi & Bert On Beats)

23 Apr


Something unusual happened to us at work the other day. The real life work we mean, where we have excellent wifi (ahem) and a very relaxed attitude to listening to headphones whilst doing whatever task we have before us that day. So, as we sat there doing our thing, striving to make the world a better place and all that, we got some tunes streaming on Soundcloud and kaboom, it was like some kind of crazy party kicking off in our ears.

Never, EVER, before have we felt compelled to stand up and start throwing our hands about like a drunkard controlled marionette before, but we almost couldn’t help ourselves. Quickly we were sending the track to friends and making other people listen. We were pressing repeat and very quickly our neck was aching from all the head nodding we had going on.

Featuring Yadi and Bert On Beats (possibly our new favourite name, ever) Branko’s “Control” is a super-bouncy, brash and bright piece of frenetic pop. Like an Arabian Robyn channelling Daft Punk, it’s compulsive, addictive. Jeez, one taste and we were hooked. We pretty much spent the evening re-upping on it time and time again. The beat is unrelenting, the bassline gripping, the hook is magnificent and Yadi’s vocals and lyrics sound wonderful. We are a bit in love with this one. It just sounds so colourful. There’s so much going on that your senses are effectively battered into submission but hey, this is totally worth giving in to.

”Control” is out now and available to buy on iTunes.


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