Kêta – “Find Me”

22 Oct


The world works in mysterious ways and we do love how it often sends us serendipitous coincidences and joins the dots from various points to another. For example, this morning we shared a song Chelsea Jade called “Find Me” and now we have another song, this time by Indiana-born prodigy, Kêta, also called “Find Me”. What are the chances? As if that wasn’t enough, we also referenced Oh Land in our Chelsea Jade post and guess what? Tomorrow we’ll be posting the new Oh Land video. Seriously, it’s almost like this was all planned out but really, we’re not capable of that level of organisation so this is all the Universe at work.

Enough mystical babbling, we’re here to talk about Kêta who, you may or may not already know, is a 16 year old wunderkind making waves across the states right now. Her recent debut EP, Generation Call, blends electronic arrangements, folky honesty and pop based catchiness across its four tracks, of which, “Find Me” is one.

It combines that kind of country-folk-pop sounds that would have the fictional Rayna James wetting her knickers with excitement and that would leave the patrons of The Bluebird in raptures. Yeah, we like Nashville and we don’t care who knows it.

Her voice is pillow soft and as comforting as your warm, cosy bed on a dark winter’s day. The guitar dances lightly as a butterfly’s kiss as the melody floats like fireflies on the night sky. It is a song that feels like wonderment, like fantasy and magic yet is built on a foundation of the reality of life and all its yearning hopefulness. “Find Me” is delicate and beautiful and it’s no wonder she is already causing quite the stir.

”Find Me” is taken from the ‘Generation Call’ EP which is out now and available to buy from iTunes.

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Chelsea Jade – “Find Me”

22 Oct

Chelsea Jade

Such is the amount of new music that we get sent, discover online and generally listen to that it can sometimes be a bit tricky to keep track of who is who, what is what and (embarrassingly) even what we have and haven’t blogged. Often we will find a new artist we quite like, follow them on Soundcloud and three months later when their new song pops up, we’ll scratch our heads and think to ourselves, ‘who on earth is this and why is this song here?’. Whilst this can be a little unnerving at times, we’re learning to live with this goldfish like capability of retaining information, but we do think it is a little mean when artists are complicit in our confusion by changing their bloody names.

Take Chelsea Jade for example. Just the other day her new song “Find Me” popped up in our soundcloud, we listened, we liked, we thought, ‘who on earth is this and why is this song here?’. The lady in question seemed familiar as did her vocals so we poked the little grey cells and went all Google-Poirot on the mystery. Of course it turned out to be not much of a mystery at all as, unlike many artists who choose to re-name and pretend like their previous self never happened, Chelsea Jade Metcalf has made no secret of her evolution from her earlier alias, Watercolours. And it was Watercolours that we had followed on Soundcloud after blogging her collaboration with fellow New Zealander, Boycrush, “Soft Teeth” back in March. Mystery solved.

Watercolours was to all intents and purposes a collective, with up to seven members at any one time with Chelsea providing vocals but, as she explained in an excellent interview with Stuff.co.nz her new music is all about her and it’s something she is excited by and proud of. She is now a one-woman show with no pseudonym to hide behind, it’s all her, all laid bare, “I almost feel like I was hiding before. That sounds so corny.

“The songs almost feel like a conduit for emotion. It doesn’t feel like there’s a front; it feels totally authentic. I like pop music because it can make you feel something and it can also recontextualise your experiences, and I guess that’s what I’m trying to do”, she explained.

This new step includes the release of a new EP, Beacons, this week and that is where “Find Me” comes in, popping up on our Soundcloud feed and momentarily confusing the hell out of us.

In fact, confusion is quite apt when considering “Find Me” as it is fantastically befuddling at times. It’s colourful yet sparse and monochromatic, simultaneously warm and cool, it’s gentle, embracing pop but made with isolating electronic noodles. It’s rather wonderful. It puts us in mind of Oh Land in the vocal styling and the subtle complexity and wondrousness of the soundscapes it creates. Dreamy soft yet spiky too and with a beautifully upbeat and melancholic chorus.

Time to embrace the confusion people and enjoy this fantastic slice of electro-poppery.

”Chelsea Jade’s new EP, ‘Beacons’, is due for release on 24 October 24.

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John J. Presley – “Honeybee”

21 Oct

John J Presley

We did warn you earlier today that we were in the mood for music that grinds and shudders. We’re in the mood for music that straddles the line between unwashed and hobo-chic while totally pulling off the looking and sounding cool thing. We’re in the mood for the kind of music that John J. Presley is giving us with his new single, “Honeybee”.

As any two year old child will tell you, the sound a honeybee makes is ‘buzz’. Yet Presley’s honeybee not only buzzes as the guitars warp and reverberate around the darkened underground room he is no doubt playing in; it bends and distorts, it stomps and smashes and it pretty much rocks our little world.

Honestly, it’s the kind of music that if we could, we’d be playing. We love that twisted, fuzzy guitar sound and the bluesy rhythms and his laconic drawl. Holy cow we love his intonation, the way he draws out ‘delusion’ into a woozy sentence in its own right is just fantastic. There’s a wonderfully hidden poshness buried in those vocals, like Frank’n’Furter rocking some moonshine soaked blues on the karaoke.

We bloody love it.

”Honeybee is out now via Killing Moon records and is available to buy from iTunes.

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Saint Agnes – “Where the Lightning Strikes” (video)

21 Oct

Saint Agnes

For all our love of music that tends to go pop, or whirr with electro hums, gasp with breath like atmospherics or bounce with a thumping bassline, there is a large part of us that cannot live without the angular grind of guitar and the sweaty, dirty howl of blues-driven rock. Which is why, as soon as we heard “Old Bone Rattle” a few months ago, we knew that Saint Agnes was going to be one of those bands that we would be falling in love with. That they have hitched their sail to a fantastically dark and deviant ship helmed by the Energy Snake crew only served to seal the deal.

Following on from the re-release of “Old Bone Rattle” this year, the duo have released the suitably foreboding and twisted “A Beautiful Day For Murder” and have now shared the wonderfully scratched and retro filtered video for the b-side, “Where the Lightning Strikes”.

‘But Mr Alphabet Sir’, we (like to think we) hear you say (and do keep calling us Sir) ‘why are you sharing the b-side? Surely you should focus on the a-side as by definition it is ranked ‘a’ which is clearly better than ‘b’. No?’

Well, small pedantic person who we just conjured up in our mind, no.

Sure we could, but if everyone did exactly what you expected, life would be pretty dull. Also, as good as “A Beautiful Day For Murder” is, and it is very very good (so good we’re streaming that below too), we’re in the mood for something a bit rockier and a bit dirtier. Something covered in the dust of the desert and full of coyote howl harmonicas. We’re in the mood for a track that sidles up next to you in a bar in the old west, drains a whiskey, smiles at you and then starts an almighty bar room brawl just for shits and giggles. We’re in the mood for a track whose rhythm stomps and struts, whose melody embraces the chaotic nature of the universe and that has a grand organ wail that matches its stupendously arrogant and confident attitude.

Yeah, pop is great and all, but today it’s all about the sleazy grind of the blues.

”A Beautiful Day for Murder”, backed with “Where the Lightning Strikes”, is out now and available to buy on iTunes.

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Chløë Black – “27 Club”

20 Oct

Chloe Black

After bringing you something this morning that was a few days old (which we all know equates to months and months in internet years) here is something brand spanking new to get your ears around from the very special and very buzzy Chløë Black.

A quick google of ‘Chloe Black’ brings up a number of results pertaining to a tattoo artist. While we can’t yet be 100% sure that Chloe Black is not one and the same as this Chløë Black, there’s undoubtedly a joke in there about how this one will definitely leave an indelible mark on your soul with her music. She will though.

Her lyrically dextrous ode to the paradoxical immortality of those musicians who lived fast, died young and (for the most part) left a good looking corpse behind is full of a dark and infectious soul. “27 Club” is infused with touches of r&b and gospel as well as that elegantly gothic and rich sound that many of her contemporaries have embraced recently. Comparisons with Lana Del Rey have, inevitably, been lain at her feet already and it is entirely understandable as to why. There are similarities in style but it is Lana’s own fascination with the fabled ‘27 club’ and the furore around her interview with The Guardian about her apparent wish to join it, that makes the association most pertinent.

There are others we could mention as influences or reference points for this extremely strong debut track, but that would detract from what is a fantastically captivating tune. It’s been on repeat here for the last hour or so, take a listen and join us in getting lost in this compelling and stunning darkness.

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