Hollywood Principle – “Seeing What’s Next”

25 May

Hollywood Principle

We first featured San Diego’s Hollywood Principle when they shared the wonderfully deceptive (starts slow suddenly becomes a full on pop banger) “Find Me Out”. Back again with the final track from their Starting Over EP, the Electro pop trio have nestled “Seeing What’s Next” nicely somewhere in the middle of their previous approach.

It doesn’t start off as smokey or languid as “Find Me Out” and the final bang isn’t quite as ka-boom, but it is a consistently exciting and persuasive dance-pop tune. It’s very much a dark club, singer making shapes with her arms amongst the laser pierced smoke as the crowd calls out their delight. Stick your headphones on (presuming you are listening on a computer and ergo the sound isn’t great) and feel the depth of the bassline as it kicks in, feel the barely contained energy within the synth lines and get lost in those arm entwining vocals.

“Seeing What’s Next” features on the ‘Starting Over’ EP, which can be ordered here.

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Fickle Friends – “Paris”

22 May

Fickle Friends

Previously, Fickle Friends have peddled uber bright, lively and bouncy wares. The subjects may often have been steeped in melancholy, confusion and sadness, but the tunes themselves have been hyper-energetic and playful summer anthems, made for dancing wildly too with carefree abandon. After all that vibrant frivolity we reckon the five of them could probably do with a little breather.

So it is with their latest offering, “Paris”. It is still a warm and summery offering but more toned down from what we are used to from our number one act to listen out for in 2015. The vocals are softer, more of a caress while the melody is dreamy and languid with a hazy, reassuring buzz of bass in the background. It’s less a playful jump in the pool, friends on living it up on holiday largesse kind of vibe, more a laidback relax in a field, staring up at the sun with a cool drink in hand feeling. It’s just absolutely lovely.

There’s an EP Velvet on the way (on Monday) which we cannot wait for, and as well as playing Radio 1’s Big Weekend, fans in Norwich can catch them performing a short live set at The Waterfront tonight (22 May). More details can be found here.

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The Night VI – “Just Words”

21 May

The Night VI

You know when you’re in that groove and everything you do just seems to be awesome? It feels a bit like you can do no wrong, everything is turning to gold and that even if you fell over in the street in front of a whole bunch of people you were trying to impress, you’d stumble in such a way that you totally style it out into a twisting 360 somersault or something?

Ok, perhaps not the last bit but right now, it seems like The Night VI are totally in that groove. They have long been putting out supremely wonderful tracks but it just seems to be that no matter what they do, what genre they play around, they absolutely smash it out of the park.

Take their latest track, “Just Words”, for example. It is full of the trademark Night VI loveliness, smooth melodies and gorgeous vocals but there is something a little new (and amazing) too. It’s this really rather dreamy Jessie Ware-esque slow jam R’n’B feel to it that just melts all over the track. It’s sultry and sensual, with that dreamy velvety chocolate feeling that makes us go all wobbly.

We absolutely love it and them and cannot wait for what is shaping up to be another stellar EP in September.

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Sameblod – “My Fortune”

15 May


We’re not sure what it’s been like where you are, but here at Alphabet Bands HQ we’ve been enjoying a couple of gorgeously hot and sunny days. It may not last but it has certainly felt as if summer is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than with a new track from those purveyors of wonderfully summery electropop, Sameblod?

Having waited a couple of years for their last track, ”Flourish”, the duo have thankfully only waited a couple of months to share the follow up, “My Fortune”.

It is full of the trademark Sameblod warmth and energy, hazy melodies and sun-drenched electronics that we have come to love so much over the years. It’s top down music, arms out the window feeling the breeze as you drive along music, music to picnic with friends to, music to enjoy the sunshine to. It’s dreamy and happy, just the way we like it.

”My Fortune” is due for release via Sommarhjärta on 15 June.

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Boycrush – “Flirt” feat. Madeira (free download)

14 May


Much like in our last post about Meraki, today we are dealing with musical disappointment that has turned into excitement. Recently we were dismayed to learn that the wonderful Kim Pflaum had left blog favourites, Yumi Zouma meaning the divine EP II would be the last to feature her gorgeous vocals. This sad news was tempered with the knowledge that she is working on new music as Madeira. Even better is the fact that she already has something to share, in the form of guest vocals on the latest track from fellow Kiwi Alistair Deverick, aka Boycrush.

Those of you with a keen memory may recall that Boycrush has featured on the site before, collaborating with Chelsea Jade back when she was Watercolours. That was part of a split 7” and “Flirt” is the lead single from his forthcoming Girls On Top EP.

Oddly the very first thing we think of as the track opens up is the Beats International classic, “Dub Be Good To Me”. That tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty moment is fleeting though as the track quickly melts into soft synth laden funk and oh so dreamy vocals. It’s intricately woven with rhythms rippling seductively beneath the electronics and judder of guitar. It’s a lush soft focus disco full of easygoing patrons, boogying gently and happily away.

”Flirt” is taken from the ‘Girls On Top’ EP which is due for release on 27 May.

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