Avec Sans – “When You Go”

24 Jul

Avec Sans

Much like with TV Girl, the arrival of new music from Avec Sans is always met with joy and excitement here in Alphabet Bands HQ. With good reason too as, like TV Girl, the pair of Alice and Jack continually deliver the goods.

Their last track, “Resonate”, felt like something of a re-birth for the band and, having premiered on MTV’s new Scream TV show no less, “When You Go” continues that sense of being something new. Albeit here, its a mite bit sexier…

The bass throbs gently as the vocals and synths grind together with a sweaty sexuality akin to the heat and energy of a first time with someone you’ve ached for. Drum beats dripping like beads of perspiration off the hot electronic body of the song as it undulates and pulsates.

It sounds like pretty steamy stuff so we’re not sure how it was used in Scream, more music to dance horizontally to than gut someone like a fish to. But what do we know?

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Iyes – “So Crazy”

23 Jul

Iyes Part One

Last time we heard from Iyes they were teasing us with the wonderfully stripped back “Simmer”. While we are yet to hear the hoped for fully rendered electronic version, the duo have returned with something new that more than balances out the lack of digitisation last time.

Beginning like a slow and warped, haunted carousel ride,“So Crazy” quickly escalates like an attempt at a close encounter, all bonkers rhythm and twisted lights. The keys roll and twist excitedly like an 80s computer game on acid while the vocals from Josh and Melis complement and confront. It’s a vibrant kaleidoscopic, epileptic sound drenched with heartache and emotion. The ride may be scary, but we certainly don’t want to get off.

”So Crazy” is taken from the forthcoming EP, ‘Part One’.

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Meraki – “Contours”

23 Jul

Meraki Contours

Having enjoyed their debut release, and the releases from their predecessor incarnations, we thought we knew what to expect from Meraki when we hit play on their latest track, “Contours”. Indeed as the strings swooped and Neeta’s vocals swirled we smiled knowingly and allowed our mind to wander with the melody into the tropical rainforest that we saw before us.

We’ve oft remarked on the organic nature and feel to their music and as it began, “Contours” certainly felt botanical. The strings dazzling like sunlight breaking through the flora onto the forest floor, the beat crisp under our feet as we stepped onwards into this wonderland. This time though something different occurred, the bassline began to pulse and wobble, the ground beneath our feet became unstable and a great shadow grew overhead.

The vocals, so enticing and soft suddenly ache in violent betrayal and a frantic sense of danger builds as the ground rises up to swallow all above it like some monstrous Sarlaac. The strings are panicked, capturing the broken beauty of the vocals as they fly up out and away from danger before falling down into a flatline of rhythm and melody. It is breathtaking, beautiful and deadly.

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Live Review: Let’s Eat Grandma, Latitude Festival, 18 July 2015

22 Jul


Nestled within the trees of Henham Park woods, shrouded in the metaphorical shadow of the grand Obelisk stage atop the hill, Latitude offers music lovers a multitude of glories to enjoy. The iArena and Alcove stages for example, tend to showcase bands on the rise, exciting and extremely talented artists, these stages offer a reasonable introduction to festival life in quieter, more organic surroundings. Then there is the Other Voices stage, new this year it is perhaps the most beautifully bedecked of all in its makeshift barn by the lake with a line up that would be good enough to thrill most punters regardless of what was happening elsewhere.

Yet these relatively intimate and wonderful surroundings are nothing compared to the comparatively tiny set-up that is the Inbetweeners stage. A small platform organised by Access to Music and CultureWorks East, it sits between the kids area and the Greenpeace woodland activity area. Not the most glamorous of stages perhaps and certainly not one that brings in the big crowds. It is ostensibly a place where Access to Music students get to perform and experience the festival environment for the first time.

It is here though, in these inauspicious environs, amongst whispered excitements for surprise sets from Ed Sheeran and Thom Yorke, that a musical revolution is taking place. In front of probably the Inbetweeners largest ever audience and with (we’d wager for the first time) label reps sat atop the dusty hillside, two young ladies are delighting and befuddling in equal measure. Let’s Eat Grandma have come to play and we’re not sure Latitude knows what is hitting it.

At just 16, Rosa and Jenny might just be the most exciting and remarkable act we see all weekend. Their show, and it is a show – not just a gig, is avant garde organised chaos and is utterly captivating. They move about the stage, seamlessly swapping from instrument to instrument, keys, drums, sax, triangle, strings, even a recorder or two make an appearance as the pair sing, chant, shriek and enthrall. Experimental, punky, rebellious and poppy, there is no way to adequately describe the level of imagination and creation at work.

The pair slip effortlessly from moments of synchronised glee to apparent confrontation. It’s spoken word, it’s dance music, it’s discordant and harmonic, spiky and cushion soft, there is humour and foreboding darkness. If it was an art installation piece you’d be amazed but here, in the woods on this tiny stage with two teenagers in matching sparkly jackets, platform shoes and tumbling tresses of hair that are about as wild and wilful as the music they make, it is just astounding.

Let’s Eat Grandma will be appearing at Camp Bestival and Festival Number 6 in the coming months. We heartily recommend you go check them out.

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TV Girl – “Natalie Wood”

23 Jun

TV Girl

We spend a fair bit of time here at Alphabet Bands thinking about how best describe music, how it makes us feel or what we think when a song gets into our head. We use imagery, hyperbole, metaphors and similes like they are half price at poundland and we’ve got a fiver burning a hole in our pocket. Sometimes we read something that has been written elsewhere and think ‘yep, that’s it. Bang on”. Usually this in an article or blog post but the other week we saw a tweet from the lovely people at Tympanogram that perfectly summed up how we felt when one of our favourite bands released a couple of new tunes.

Succinct, to the point and exactly how we felt when we opened an email from Bandcamp notifying us that TV Girl had just shared two new songs. Clearly metaphors and the like are not always required. We still love using them though…

A stand alone pre-curser to a forthcoming album, “Natalie Wood” and “Like We Planned” are perfectly, wonderfully TV Girl. There are those gorgeously throwback, distressed melodies that we love so much and the lyrics are brimming with malcontent, glamour, sex and black humour. “Natalie Wood” in particular (given its subject matter) sits as a perfect companion to the fabulous <i>Lonely Women</i> EP. It is, as we’d expect, just fantastic and as long as they keep making music, we will keep being happy to hear it.

”Natalie Wood” and “Like We Planned” are out now via the TV Girl Bandcamp page and you can soon catch the band on their forthcoming World (USA and Canada) Tour.

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