Transviolet – “New Bohemia” (video)

2 Feb


Transviolet first came to our attention last summer with the wonderfully, sinewy pop of ”Girls Your Age”. They then blew our metaphorical roof off with the huge anthemic sound of ”New Bohemia”, a tune that still gives us goosebumps and now has a fantastically rousing video to accompany it.

At the time of the track’s release we said that ”It’s got that edge to it, that sensibility and power that soundtracks and conveys the magnitude of something, hell if you wanted to remake Les Miserables with modern pop songs, this is your rousing battle cry right here.”

Not only does this still ring true but with the video it feels even more so. There’s this moment, just as Sarah sings “join the revolution”, that figures appear behind her, army like, and they all run at us through the forest. It is a perfect embodiment of the song, of its power, defiance and attitude that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It also has a rather wonderful (and we presume unintentional) Cocoon-esque moment as well which we love.

We said when they first appeared that world domination could beckon, we’re even more convinced now.

”New Bohemia” is taken from the ‘Transviolet EP’ which is out now on Epic Records and available from iTunes.

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Missio – “Can I Exist”

28 Jan


Sometimes a song hits us so hard that we have to take a minute to fully appreciate it. We step back and listen again, and again, and again. We let it wash over us and wrap itself around us, goosebumps rising on our arms as it passes gossamer like over our skin. Sometimes this happens and we end up getting a little lost in a heady fugue caused by the dense beauty of a track. Sometimes it almost becomes difficult to write about it as our head is spinning and it’s hard to think. Listening to “Can I Exist” by Missio has been one of those times.

Regular readers will know that we are kind of preprogrammed to like atmospheric, sparse, moving electronica. The likes of Aquilo, Harry Edwards, MK Grands, Isovert, IYES and many others have all graced these digital pages over the years and all have left clutching rave reviews and truckloads of hyperbole in their extremely talented hands. So really it is no wonder that we fell for Missio, the only surprise is that it’s taken us so long.

There are myriad ways in which “Can I Exist” is fantastic, not least how it sounds. It deals in part with depression, which is something we (and thousands of others) can instantly relate to. What is particularly remarkable here is that the track manages to feel simultaneously like a grand wide open space and a tight, claustrophobic container. As it builds, the melody swells and the rhythm feels more urgent, it’s like trying to break free and smash your way out of this darkness that you are trapped by. A feeling that we can certainly recognise.

Despite this weight, this gravitas that is carries, it is not necessary to have had this experience and emotional empathy to enjoy “Can I Exist”. Just as a piece of music it is rather stunning. It’s moonlit snowstorm beautiful and you just have to take a minute to fully appreciate the majesty of this emotional tundra that lays before you.

In all honesty, we’ve taken more than a minute. We’ve taken a few days and tens of repeat plays. That’s just us though and however you take your Missio, it will always sound gorgeous.

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johan – “Danger_us”

27 Jan


In the world of music, as it is in the world of football, you tend to be someone pretty special if you are known by just the one name. In football there’s been the likes of Pele, Neymar, Zico, Ronaldo (fat) and Ronaldo (arrogant) while music has had Prince, Madonna, Bjork and Adele (amongst others – Pitbull is the exception that proves the rule). With that in mind, Boston based johan is either setting himself up for a fall or going to turn out to be utterly amazing.

The early signs are good with his debut track, “Danger_us”, an alt-pop, underground railroad kind of tune. The always on-point Disco Naïveté say it has a ”campfire vibe” to it and they are dead right. A late night out in the middle of nowhere feeling, hands clapping as the fire crackles and the group harmonise and sing together. There’s a touch of the ghost story about it too, the wispy, smoky undercurrent of electronica swirling around the darkness as the flames dwindle and the embers glow.

“It’s much more dangerous in the wild”, he sings. Which is partly what makes it so exciting and this off-kilter outdoors-pop tune certainly has us excited.

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Jimi Charles Moody – “House of Moody”

25 Jan

Jimi Charles Moody

Preconceptions. We all have them, whether intentional or not we all have preconceived ideas about certain people, bands, football teams, TV shows etc etc. It can’t be helped.

For example, if you said to us that Gina G had a new album out, chances are we wouldn’t be that bothered, likewise Pitbull. You could tell us that Pitbull’s new album was actually an experimental jazz-metal fusion concept album about Winnie the Pooh and (when we’d stopped laughing) we still wouldn’t be that interested. Yet these preconceptions can be a real hindrance to our enjoyment of life and music and we should, even for just a minute, try to put them to one side and take a listen to something our unconscious bias may have warned us against. Yes, even that Pitbull concept album.

We mention this because of the new track from Jimi Charles Moody. The “House of Moody” is a dirt under the fingernails bluesy romp that we’ve been really, really enjoying. It’s a rip-snorting, white-suited, standing up at the piano, shot glass in hand, conducting the rawkus high-jinks and frivolity in some grandiose underground speakeasy, king of all it surveys, absolute blast of a song.

Yet if you’d told us before we heard it that Jimi Charles was the alter ego of Harley Sylvester, aka one half of Rizzle Kicks, we may not have given it a chance as their blend of chart friendly pop didn’t really float our boat. More fool us really and with that in mind, we’re going to try and put our preconceptions to one side in the future and just listen. No more unconscious bias, no more unintended musical snobbery and lots of new tunes, regardless of who they are by.

Thank you for opening our eyes Jimi Charles, and for doing it with a barnstorming tune.

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Horse Party – “Gratitude Falling”

11 Jan

Horse Party

This time last year Suffolk based Horse Party kicked the hangover out of the New Year with the storming “Out of Sight”. Since then they’ve released two EPs and now returned once again to shake off the dust of the old and wake up 2016 with a new track.

With a guitar line that creeps into view like silhouetted figure against a desolate, desert like horizon, “Gratitude Falling” has a kind of shoegazey, bluesy feeling to it (blusegazey?). There’s a tinge of the old west as the guitar line rides into town and the trott of the drums join in to escalate the track into a paradoxical mild frenzy.

With a gun at its hip and tobacco masticating in its mouth, “Gratitude Falling” meanders confidently down the main street of this one horse town. Occasionally there will be a bar fight as rhythm and melody, buzzing on moonshine and needing to blow off steam, bump into one another and bottles are smashed. Yet it never gets out of hand, never loses control and never sounds less than excellent.

”Gratitude Falling” is out now and available to buy from the Horse Party Bandcamp page.

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