Introducing: Ecstasy

10 Jan


Until recently, whenever we came across any random mention of Ecstasy, our mind would wander to the Chris Lily creation, Summer Heights High and Mr Gee’s fantastic musical. That has changed now with the arrival of a new London-based electronica/synthy/dreampop/indie combo which has taken the feeling of rapture and bliss as its name.

We are not sure how we first came across Ecstasy, we had emailed the link to their Soundcloud page to our own inbox with no other notes or comments, but we are pretty damn glad we did. The four-piece are comprised of Joe, vocals/synth/samples; Laura, vocals; Rosemary, synths and James, guitars/synths/percussion – they also have a drummer but, according to Joe when speaking to Little Indie Blogs, ”he’s not fully committed yet”. If he doesn’t sign up soon then we’ll be talking about him being committed in another sense entirely.

They may have only formed in September, after meeting through friends and ex-girlfriends, but all the signs are that they’re set for big things in 2013, with the likes of XfM and Amazing Radio already spinning their tunes and the blog world starting to get in a bit of a tizzy about their popgaze sound. All this and they don’t even have a manager or have played a single gig yet.

The excitement is not surprising really as the music genuinely causes you to sit up and take notice as it quickens your pulse. Ecstasy announced their arrival online with the double whammy of an amazing, stirring rendition of Band of Horses’ “Funeral”, and the swirling MGMT-ness of “Shinjuku Bride”. They have subsequently been joined online by the tracks, “White Limos” and (yesterday) “Exhale”. With similarities to likes of The Naked and Famous (though already showing more versatility of sound), they have wedded both electronic and indie elements together into vast, venue filling pop. Dual vocals soar skyward hand-in-hand but occasionally, delightfully, dance around, a double-helix of sound entwined together as the beat and the bass rumble on below.

More tracks have been promised in the coming weeks, including a Rihanna cover of all things, before they start on some videos and gigging, but for now just click on the track below, turn it up load and get lost in some quality pop music.

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One Response to “Introducing: Ecstasy”

  1. name not supplied March 10, 2013 at 23:22 #

    Just love the Shinjuku Bride track, pop-shocking. love it!

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