Watch: Molly Beanland – “Night Dreams”

10 Jan

Molly Beanland

Having time travelled back to the 80s this morning for a retro sci-fi infused electro track, we decided we’d hang around a bit longer, have a wander and see what else we could find. Before we knew it we were surrounded by baggy sweater dresses, jean jackets with the sleeves rolled up, trainers with massive tongues and some serious angst and soul searching. Yep, without realising it, we’d stumbled into the John Hughes – teen comedy – coming of age film section, or more specifically, the soundtrack subsection. We should have realised when Huey Lewis tried to stop us and talk about the importance and effect of appropriate winter clothing, he wouldn’t stop going on about the power of gloves.

Terrible and unnecessary puns aside, we settled down to a milkshake we wouldn’t get to drink before some drama or other occurred and listened to the music coming from the speakers above. Now, we know that time travel is extremely complicated (wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey etc) so, when sitting in 1985 (or thereabouts), we heard a song that is soon to be released in 2014, we decided to just go with it.

The song in question was “Night Dreams” by her-name-sounds-quite-a-bit-like-an-80s-teen-movie-star-and-we-wonder-if-that’s-a-coincidence Molly Beanland and we could hear why it was blaring out here in a diner in 1985 (or thereabouts).

A synth laden power ballad that evokes images of rousing montages of now come of age teens, soft focus videos (probably caused by the amount of hair spray used for the massive hair) and satisfied ‘we overcame the odds and did it’ cheesy smiles. It is the 80s in song form. Molly’s vocals have a breathy swirl, like Natalie Imbruglia (we know she’s not 80s) mixed with Carol Decker (she certainly is) as they sit atop their pedestal of sweeping drama and electronic drums and keyboards.

It is, says Beanland, ”the ultimate love hurts tale. Obsession and the greediest of lusts, both wonderful and terrible, painful and pleasurable, you know it’s driving you insane but you are hopelessly addicted”, which sounds about right. We liked it so much we brought the video back to 2014 with us. It’s full of classic kisses and smooches from famous films across the years, there’s even the odd naughty bit in there. Enjoy.

”Night Dreams” is due for release on 20 January.

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