Silences – “Emma”

24 Apr


After the post-dance house vibes of Delphic and the frenetic, colourful energy of Branko, Yadi and Bert On Beats yesterday, we thought we’d calm things down a little on the site today. What better way to do that, we thought, than with the sublime indie-folk sounds of Silences and the gorgeously understated “Emma”.

Often beauty is found in simplicity and that is certainly the case here. Led by singer/songwriter Conchúr White, this five-piece from Co. Armagh has crafted something that is remarkably sincere and elegant. The arrangement of guitar strings and piano keys, blessed with Conchúr’s soft, smokey vocals is just heavenly. It’s soothing, a balm for the chaos and frenzy of the day to day. You can feel your heart rate dropping as you listen, stress and worry washes away as you are taken by the hand to a solitary cabin in the midst of the Irish countryside. Not a soul to be found for miles around and you just sit and watch as dusk draws in and the world comes to a standstill.

There are no unnecessary flourishes; there are no embellishments or digital wizardry on show here. It is just uncomplicated, honest songwriting and gorgeous sounds performed by quality musicians. Simple it may be, but it’s beautiful and refreshing as well.

”Emma” is taken from the ‘Nevernames’ EP which is out now and available from the Silences Bandcamp page or iTunes.

Stalk Silences: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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