Mega Emotion – “Uncomfortable” (video)

28 Jan


In the past, on one of the many occasions we’ve talked about the psychedelic electro freneticists Mega Emotion, we termed their music ‘chaos pop’. It was a term that felt right at the time as they blitzed us with their high octane blur of noise and colour. Times change though, people grow and develop and over time we find ourselves mellowing out a… Ah who are we kidding? Mega Emotion is back with a new single and video and it they are just as wonderfully anarchic and vibrant as ever.

The only hint of mellow really is the rather lovely harmonies from Lisa and Jan as Ian alternates between slightly intense and very intense in his vocals. The synths repeat and pulse like a strobe light set to ‘full on fit’ and the beat crashes as if played by a military drummer on acid.

There is a video too (which you can watch below) that features trippy patterns and fractals projected over them and onto the wall behind. It was made, brilliantly, by each band member taking it turns to ‘tit about’ in front of the camera. The result is, like Mega Emotion themselves, kinda crazy but very enjoyable.

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One Response to “Mega Emotion – “Uncomfortable” (video)”

  1. Unknown March 6, 2015 at 20:58 #

    A lovely slice of chaos, a nice track

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