Sivu – “The Nile” (feat. Rae Morris)

13 Feb


T’was a little over two years ago when we and the world were first introduced to Sivu via an MRI video, a hypnotic tongue and a powerfully emotional and tearjerking debut song. Since we wrote about “Better Man Than He”, way back when, the country has been toured several times, wonderful EPs and a magnificent album have been released, collaborations beautifully formed and acclaim has justly been showered upon him from all corners. Now, just when we’d expect Sivu to need a little rest, he has returned with another stunning collaboration and, as they were two years ago, the tears are flowing once more.

For all the talk of his idiosyncratic style and offbeat songwriting, no one does pure and heart-wrenching emotion quite like Sivu. Written about watching someone close to you slowly pass away, “The Nile” is stunningly poignant and beautiful. Throughout the opening verse there is a wobble in the vocals, a tremor of anguish that ripples across the song as it builds in a groundswell of torment and pleading. As the pain builds so does the arrangement, a simple piano lament remains as strings and almost imperceptible electronic elements join the suffering.

The presence of Rae Morris gives “The Nile” an extra layer, a feeling of subtle intensity and drama permeating from her vocals; vocals that so perfectly complement Sivu’s that we can only hope for further combined efforts from the pair. The harmonies are almost reverential and as denouement is reached, a drum beat can be heard for the first time, a slow funereal rhythm signalling that the track is ending but that the emotion wrought within will remain for some time.

”The Nile” is the double-A-side to forthcoming single ‘Sleep, taken from Sivu’s debut album ‘Something On High’ which is available to buy here.

Stalk Sivu: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Stalk Rae Morris: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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  1. Unknown March 8, 2015 at 21:14 #

    Lovely 🙂

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