Prides – Born To Be Whole

8 Feb

As you sit at your computer of an evening, ever so slightly buzzed from a couple of midweek rums and staring blankly at a page with words that just won’t appear, you find yourself in need of something inspiring, something uplifting and something damn good. The new single from Prides very nearly slipped under our radar but thankfully, it and its big arms-flung-wide-spinning-around-euphorically sound is here to drag us out of this funk.

It feels like an absolute age since we last heard from the Glasgow pair (which is largely our own fault) and their return is extremely welcome. While the weather may still be largely sub-zero here in the UK, the nights are getting shorter and “Born To Be Whole” is like a bright shaft of sunlight breaking through the gloom.

Light and atmospheric in sound, there is a rousing anthemic quality to get lost in, to be raised up upon and to sing along unashamedly to. The synths are bright and bold as they swell into the chorus, bouncing infectiously and enthusiastically. The vocals, with that oh-so-endearing Scottish lilt, are warm and welcoming and the beat is compulsive and shoulder-dancingly good.

We’re a fair way from summer but this festival ready synth-pop is already getting us in the mood.

”Born To Be Whole” is taken from the forthcoming Prides EP, ‘A Mind Like The Tide pt.2’ which is due for release on 30 March and available for pre-order here.

Get to know Prides: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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