Prides – “Cold Blooded”

27 Feb


Glasgow has, in recent years, been shedding its reputation as a rough and dangerous place to live in or visit. The stereotypical hard-nut Scot who’d give that special type of intimate affection that was more forehead than tongue has been consigned to the annals of history and lazy caricatures, instead Glasgow is forging a new path and new reputation, one that could well be as the most synthy of all synth-pop cities.

Their brethren, Chvrches, have already stepped out and stepped up to take the world by storm and now Glasgow’s Prides stand ready for their shot. Having only formed last year they already have some fairly heavyweight support as well as they are signed to Island Records and co-managed by Radio 1’s Ally McCrae. The trio of Stewart, Callum and Lewis has recently released an EP The Seeds You Sow, from which the fantastically vast “Cold Blooded” is taken.

Ok, so we have been a little disingenuous to Prides, yes they are from Glasgow and yes they make synth-pop music, but there are not Chvrches wannabes nor are they riding the coattails of their neighbours. Yes they both wear their 80s influences clearly on their sleeves, but Prides make music that is much more anthemic, more expansive and festival friendly. “Cold Blooded” in particular is ready made for a field of people to bounce up and down in the sun while enthusiastically bellowing the words back at the guys on stage.

It’s exuberant and bold; if John Hughes made music, it would probably go something a bit like this. It’s an aural brat pack ensemble where guitars, drums and synths fling off their jeans jackets and dance on tables while flashing dazzling white smiles and winking at the girls below. It’s hookalicious and while those John Hughes girls will be going week at the knees, it’s masculine enough to have the guys loving it at the back of the room as well.

Prides ‘The Seeds You Sow’ EP is out now and available from iTunes.

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