Slowdim – “Run Away”

27 Feb

Slow Dim

We have found, as we get older, that our memory is not what it once was. For example, we can forget telephone conversations we have just had mere moments after having them, or things we were supposed to do, like send emails in a timely manner (sorry everyone we owe them to by the way). So really, it came as no surprise when we started listening to the latest demo/idea/beginning (they call it a pop art demo) from Slowdim and had no idea when or why we started following them on Soundcloud.

Of course, the obvious answer to the question of why we started is because they are very good and that’s certainly supported by the two minutes of “Run Away”, a new idea, they say, that might get extended.

We certainly hope it does, as we really love its gentle dreaminess. It opens with gentle sepia tinted guitar plucks as it takes you through a forgotten window of nostalgia. Grubby from the long lost years, it leads to a place where wooden mice and clockwork woodpeckers might sit gathering dust on a shelf, waiting for imagination to awaken them. It’s an escape to somewhere altogether more innocent and magical where you can stay awhile and play before leaving it behind as the track ends.

So yeah, we’d love for Slowdim to extend “Run Away” a little more, if only so we can stay and play a little longer. We wouldn’t forget it if they did…

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One Response to “Slowdim – “Run Away””

  1. lizsamdog February 28, 2014 at 08:13 #

    Reblogged this on The Fat Angel Sings and commented:
    just love the start of this song the guitars so wonderful ten the handclaps and straight away it makes you feel good

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