That Girl With Dark Eyes – “Lonely as a Wolf”

8 Apr

That Girl With Dark Eyes

There could well be something a little lupine in the air you know. Last week there was a ”Wolf at the Door” and now, this week, we are as “Lonely As A Wolf”. Is it nearly full moon? Thankfully, thus far we have not had need to cry wolf nor been hungry like one.

With that gubbins out of the way, and after a decidedly rocky pause yesterday, we return to our love of synth pop via the skittish and bubbly “Lonely as a Wolf” from That Girl With Dark Eyes, aka Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor.

Originally from California, That Girl… has recently been plying her trade in the equally temperate climate of Barcelona where she has apparently been anointed ‘Spain’s new Synth-pop Hero’. We’re not sure if that title comes with any official duties but if so, we imagine ‘making creepy and slightly disturbing videos to accompany your infectious and bouncy pop tunes’ could be one of them.

Featuring a blank look that is all kinds of freaky and hypnotic, mannequins, glowing lips and eye strings (you’ll see what we mean), it’s a fantastic watch. Tiffany has described it as being like “a dream state, coming in and out of reality. A parallel of weakness and strength. There´s something truly beautiful about being alone, yet so painful and the video is meant to express this internal battle and how you might drive your lover crazy with your craziness,” which does make sense really, when you think about it.

It’s also fantastically shot, remarkably inventive and as mentioned, a bit freaky. The track itself is a cracking slice of electro-indie-pop that will entrance you even more than the visuals.

”Lonely as a Wolf” is available as a free download from That Girl With Dark Eyes’ soundcloud player.

Stalk That Girl With Dark Eyes: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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