Sinephro – “Rosier”

30 Jan

Soft, stark, elegant and beguiling. The debut solo outing from Sinephro is three minutes of understated monochromatic electronic beauty.

Having collaborated with the likes of Blanda (on the seductive and warped jazz infused electro ”Relief”) in the past, Belgian singer/composer/producer Clara Sinephro has stepped out on her own with the utterly mesmeric “Rosier”.

The composition is stunning, layer upon layer of sound is woven together with precision and care. The melody trickles gently over the smooth echoes of the rhythm. Keys build like the sun rising over the horizon, lighting new elements as it does. Strings flicker, piano lines twinkle, harmonies twist and entwine as one and all the while, Clara’s soft vocal floats through “Rosier” like a mist.

As well as bewitching us with this stunning piece of electronica, Sinephro is currently working on a jazz album and there are definitely jazz elements at play here. The structured free-form nature of the arrangement, the blending of disparate sounds into one gorgeous whole, this is an artist who knows exactly what she is trying to do and how she wants to do it.

Soulful, smooth, cool and warm at the same time, with “Rosier” Sinephro has stepped forward and shown herself to be an artist well worth keeping an ear out for in the future.

Get to know Sinephro: Facebook


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